Monday, October 26, 2009

Heyburn State Park

Every year (for the last 10 years) a few family from our ward go on this camp out over Labor Day weekend. We went and camped a few days before any one else got up there to spend some quality family time before my sister Janae headed off the BYUI for school! We had so much fun with just our family.

We went on the boat a lot! We also rode a 22 mile bike trail from Heyburn to was crazy long! Everyone was exausted at the end...AND WE DIDN'T EVEN TAKE ANY PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!

Korbin LOVES sitting in Grandpa seat with him and driving!
The highlight for Brian was jumping off this bridge (since he couldn't do anything else..STUPID ARM!) He was such a good boy I was so proud of him all summer long...he missed out on so many fun things because of his arm but was a really good sport about it!!!!!!!!
It felt like they were falling forever! All of them dad, brian and my two sisters!

In all it was a fun camping trip! Good food, good friends and lots of excitement! Cant wait to go next year!!!!!!!!

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