Monday, December 31, 2007

Finally a Dr. Apt...

SO...we finally had our first Dr.Apt today in Washington and it went quite well. The babys heart beat was strong a regular! YEAH...then he checked me and said that I dont seem as far along as my last missed period the ultra sound on this Wednesday will confirm the due far he is leaving it at May 26. We are so happy that so good! The ultra sound will tell us more. As far as insurance goes we cant get it...I tried to purchase insurance and being pregnant is a pre existing condition and is not covered. So now we are trying to see if we can get insurance through Washington state and just move back up here...we'll find out on that next week! least we know that the babys heart beat is well and that puts a lot of peace in our minds! Well I will post more on Wednesday when we find out more...Oh and by the way...the Christmas cards...yeah they ended up being New Year you will all be recieving them much for trying to be organized~! Anywhoo..Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome 2008!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


So I haven't posted in awhile! I haven't had much to say! No news about the baby because I CANT GET INSURANCE for the life of me so...I can't get checked out! I am feeling ok about it though...I keep getting flutters so I know the baby is growing and moving, which is good. But other than that, I have nothing to go off of! All I know is that I am 16 weeks along and TOTALLY FRUSTRATED. I have tried everything to get insurance and it doesn't work. If I pay for a visit outright it will be anywhere from $300-$700 a visit. And they can't give me a closer estimate than that!

We are leaving Friday to go to Washington for Christmas which will be very helpful to get my mind off all this CRAP and be with my family! Chloe is thrilled that she gets to go and see Granny Jani and Grandpa Davis (that's what she calls my parents!) And she is really excited to see her aunts and uncles who by the way cant quit calling to see when we are going to be there! She is loved, can you tell???

Brian is doing well here in Redding although we wont be here as long as we had planned. The owner of the Company is a jerk and is going bankrupt and is CRAZY. So...once again we are going to have to move...when...where...I HAVE NO IDEA! We have discussed Washington again and also his friend wants to open a school in Montana...which is beautiful but cold and...NO ONE LIVES THERE! No shopping, restraunts, civilization...we'll see. He is LOVING what he does and that is all that matters!

Chloe is starting Ballet in January when we get back from Washington and she is really excited about that! We went to my cousins ballet concert on friday and Chloe said..."Mom I wanna dance on that stage like a princess." I told her if she practiced hard she could one day...she pouted!

Well that is my life for the last month...nothing exciting...more depressing than anything. We miss you all and hope you find your Holidays Wonderful!