Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Bloody Accident!

Unfortunately I have no pictures to go along with the story! So on Saturday my little sister and Chloe were playing with Korbin, they were playing house. I am in the bathroom and all of a sudden I hear Korbin screaming bloody murder...a cry I have never heard. So I open the door and yell What is wrong with Korbin what happened. My sister brings Korbin into the bathroom blood GUSHING out of his mouth...EVERYWHERE...(I am still in the bathroom) and I am like What happened to him...she says I dropped him on his face...great! So blood is everywhere I cant figure out where it is coming from (I am still in the bathroom) so I yell at her to go and get my mom. In the mean time I am sitting there holding Korbin dabbing the blood with toilet paper. My mom finally gets down stairs and I yell at her to take him so I can get out of the bathroom. So she leaves and I finish and go out to see what is going on. My sister is upstairs crying hysterically!( She felt sooooo bad, but it was an honest accident!) So we have No idea what actually happened. So we run get ice and put it on his face/mouth to reduce the swelling. He wont open his mouth so we can see what is going on....I am almost in tears...Chloe keeps chirping in the background "...dropped him on his head and now he is bleeding to death." I start yelling at Chloe to SHUT UP and butt out. So she gets upset. Long story short...she was trying to move him while sitting in the Bumbo and he fell out the front from like a ft and 1/2. He is totally fine just cut his lip and pushes his top tooth through the gum. It was a little nerve racking but it was all and accident and no one is seriously injured...thank heavens! My poor sister was more traumatized than Korbin. But who hasn't been dropped as a baby! I know I was! The joys of being a little baby! Here is a couple pics of the little one I took the other day! Isn't he getting so dang cute!