Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Like father Like Son!

So the last month while shopping I found these AWESOME jammies for Korbin!  They have Helicopters on them and are so adorable!  They were a little pricy but I HAD to get them!  They look so cute on him!!! He is almost 4 mos old and just getting sooooo cute!  He is teething though which is RUFF!  He is in a lot of pain and it seems like nothing is working.  Gees why does it have to be so painful...I feel so bad for the kido!  We had him weighed the other day and he was 15.5 pnds!  CRAZY HUH???? He is a big boy, although this last week he is thinning out a little I think he is growing in height!  He is precious and we are just eating him up!  

My two Cuties!

Here are a couple cute pics I took of the kids the other day!  

Korbin's eyes are getting soooo blue!  I LOVE that Chloe and Korbin both have blue eyes like their daddy!

Here is a picture showing that Chloe really does LOVE her brother...at least I have one to prove it! HAHAHA

Friday, September 5, 2008

First day of Kindergarten!

Oh my goodness, I have been dreading this post for oh a year. Yes it was Chloes first day of KINDERGARTEN! I cant believe where time has gone. My little girl is a big girl and goes to Kindergarten! She absolutly LOVED IT! Her teacher is soooo sweet. She was also my brothers kindergarten teacher. She had a wonderful day and cant wait to go back today! She is doing PM which is great that way she can sleep in...her favorite! Time flys thats all I have to say!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well I finally got camping photos downloaded and decided to write about it. For years we have been going to Heyburn State park in Idaho to camp and boat! It is sooooo much fun! We LOVE camping. Although this year was a little different. This was Brian and Chloes first time going to this camp site. We camped with my family and that was GREAT but also a little crazy. There were 10 other families from our ward that went as well. So there were tons and tons of kids and people running around! You see usually when Brian and I camp we are only in charge of our family. But going with my family ment there were 6 other people going to think about. There was sooooooo much STUFF. Brian's truck, my dad's ext cab Dodge and the boat were PACKED FULL!!!! So ofcourse my little borthers and sisters are WORTHLESS and helped Load or unload NOTHING!!!!! So Brian and I were stuck doing there work! It is crazy how much you need for 6 people. I think they had 12 rubber maids full of cooking supplies, pots and pans, 4 icechests, food stc. Blow up mattresses, sleeping bags, tents, clothes, and the list goes one. We had two luggage bags, 3 rubbermaids and 1 icechest....BIG DIFFERENCE. So it was a little stressful trying to get everything packed and loaded and unloaded and set up. But once all the hard work was done we had a really good time!!!! We boated and ate, brian built a bike jump and practically everyone went on it! They had a good time. We also went to Saint Marries for their Annual Paul Bunyon days where they have the BEST fireworks EVER...that I have ever seen. They cost $30,000. And they are AMAZING!!!! We had a lot of Fun although at times it was high stress!!!! Maybe we'll go again next year although my Mom said it was her last year going...she hates camping so...we'll see.

Chunk jumping off his Ramp...

Chloe with the cute Hemenway boys on the boat watching the Men jump off the ramp!