Sunday, June 29, 2008

Korbin is 5 1/2 Weeks Old...How time Flies!

Now this one is right on time!

Well, well, well...I can hardly believe that I have endured 5 1/2 weeks of NO SLEEP and I am still able to write and speak! Yeah our precious little one DOES NOT like to sleep at night...although the last two nights have been GREAT. Maybe he is ready for a sleeping at night! I would LOVE that! He is so beautiful and I am just enjoying him so much. We all are! He is just LOVELY during the day, just fussy at night. Chloe is still just loving him to death...I didnt think that she would love him so much at first! There still has been NO jelious moments and she is doing so much to help me! Here are a few pics I took of the lil Sweet heart today!

Chloe's FIRST ride in the Helicopter with DADDY!!

So this post is comming about 2 months late....

Well, well, well...I finally gave in. I always said I wouldn't let Chloe go up in the Helicopter with Brian till she was older (I was thinking like 16 :) But Brian rented the Helicopter and took it up to my parents house and landed it on the lawn by the pool. Chloe knew he was doing this and kept begging to go up in the Helicopter with Daddy. How could I resist. So Brian flew the helicopter to my parents, landed and took Chloe and my mom up in the air for about 15 min. Chloe was so excited she could hardly wait. Here are a few videos that I thought were super cute!!

You can hear Chloe screaming at her Daddy as if he can really hear her all the way up in the air. The funniest is when you hear Chloe to tell Daddy to park it by the tree house...

The next video is of Brian actually landing the Helicopter on the lawn at my parents...SCARY!

The last video is of Chloe just before she is getting ready to go up in the air and she is incredibly excited and doesn't want to talk to the camera, hence the door slamming in my face!

In all it was so very cool! I am so proud of Brian and all he has accomplished! He is amazing and I am so happy for him that he will be able to wake up everyday of his life and go to work happy and come home happy and LOVE what he does!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So...since I am COOPED up in bed and can't move or get out...I have been bored out of my I decided to start reading this book I bought at Barnes and Noble called...Calorie, fat and Carbohydrate counter written by Allan Borushek. His book was a national health information awards winner for 2008 and rated #1 by Professionals and consumers. So you ask...why that book...because I LOVE EATING OUT and know that it is soooooo bad for you! But what I didnt realize was HOW FREAKIN BAD IT IS FOR YOU! I dont think I will be able to eat out again after reading this book. Here are some things I would like to share with you all. I thought so many times I was eating out and making smart choices by eating salads, grilled chicken sandwiches here are some of the foods I was EXTREMELY SHOCKED by!

First off I wanted to list off a few Health Statistics:

Fat intake should be: 30-60g for Women
40-80g for Men
80-120g for Athletes

Here are the ratios for Calories, Fat and Carbs
Calories Fat Carbohydrates

1200 30g 120g
1500 40g 170g
1800 50g 210g
2000 60g 250g
2500 80g 345g

With that said here are some of my favorite foods to eat at restraunts...I WAS SHOCKED TO SEE THE FAT AND CALORIE TOTALS!!!!! Tell me what you think!

Applebees: Cal Fat Carb
Boneless Buffalo Wings 670 50 10
Mozzarella Sticks 1,005 57 7
Cowboy burger W/Fries 1,450 80 111
Apple Walnut Chicken Salad 1,160 92 26
Oriental Chicken Salad 1,015 50 111
Fajitas with 4 Tortillas 1,900 76 174
Sizzling Apple Pie 1,085 56 146

Chicken Club Salad 810 59 34
Beef and Cheddar 445 21 44
Regular Roast Beef 320 14 34
Fresh Market Chicken Salad Sandwich 770 39 79
Small Curly Fries 340 20 39
Jalapeno Bites 305 21 29

Carls Jr :
Double Burger 1,520 111 60 So I don't eat this one just saw it the book and was SHOCKED
111g of FAT?????
Ok so that is 3 times the amount of fat for a WHOLE DAY in 1 Hamberger!

Steak Taco 970 51 87
Shrimp Fajitas 1,065 85 70
Tostado Fajita Chicken Salad 1,230 77 63

Boneless Buffalo Wings 1,250 89 55
Shanghi Wings 1,260 71 97
Classic Nachos 1,570 115 66
Southwest Eggrolls 810 59 59

Dairy Queen:
Oreo Blizzard-medium 690 26 103
Chlocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard 1,030 40 151
Royal Banana Split 530 14 98

McDonalds: I never eat Mcdonalds but had to post these...they are NASTY!
Big Mac 540 29 45
Hamberger 250 9 31
Double cheeseburger 740 42 40
Grilled Chicken Club 570 21 52
4 peice chicken nuggets 170 10 10
5 Peice Chicken Strip 630 33 46
Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscut 520 30 43
Sausage Egg Mcmuffin 450 27 30

Olive Garden:
Lasagna 860 47 54
Fettuccine Alfredo 850 58 70
Stuffed Chicken Marsala 1,315 87 72

Blommin Onion 2,210 134 231
12oz Sirloin 780 55 0
16oz Prime Rib 905 75 0
Victorias Filet 490 37 0
Alice Springs Chicken 1,080 60 23

PF Changs:
Chicken Lettuce wraps 510 12 68
Banana Spring rolls 815 37 130
Beef a la Sichuan 1,180 64 56
Changs Spicy Chicken 930 37 88
Ginger and Broccoli 660 26 35
Orange Peel Chicken 1,150 47 127
Honey Shrimp 1,380 64 147
Orange Peel shrimp 1,020 41 118
Lo Mein Chicken 1,510 104 95

Taco Bell:
Bean Burrito 350 9 54
Grilled Stuffed chicken 640 23 73
Taco-crunchy 170 10 13
Double Decker 370 17 40
Spicy Chicken Taco-soft 170 6 20
Beef Chalupa 410 27 30
Nachos Bell Grande 790 44 79
Fiesta Taco Salad 860 46 82

Ok so is anyone else DISGUSTED! I am totally I can hardly believe I put some of that food in my mouth! I mean I knew fast food was bad but can any of you believe how bad????? I seriously dont ever want to eat out again...which is good we'll save alot of money!!! So...I would like to hear what you all think about this!!!!!

Oh the JOYS of Surgery

So yesterday at 5:30 AM, I had a long awaited surgery planned! YIPPY! I have had a Hernia since I gave birth to 5 years. And it has been bothering me really bad the last 2 years. I cant do sit ups or scream really loud without it pooping out. So for any of you who dont know what a Hernia is when the intestines make a hole through your ab walls. So to fix it they make a 3 inch incision and push the intestines back in place and sew your abs up! Yeah sound like fun huh? Especially 4 weeks after having a baby! But I only have insurance for 6 weeks after I had Korbin so I had to get it done! So yesterday was the dreaded day...but it went incredibly well. The surgeon said it was a good thing I got it done because the hole in my abs was about 4 inches big. Yeah LOVELY! So now I am recovering and I feel like CRAP...worse than stomch hurts so bad...oh by the way it is 3 inches above my belly button. So I cant really sit up or satnd up without it hurting really bad. They said it will take at least 2 weeks to heal. And I cant lift anything heavier than 10 pounds for 6 Korbin had better not gain too much weight in the next 6 weeks...or I cant hold him...But it all went well and I am on my way to feeling MUCH BETTER!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To my LOVE~

This is a post all about my wonderful Hubby who I LOVE SO MUCH! Brian is such an amazing husband and father! I could NEVER ask for a better spouse. He is so caring, loving and just flat out AMAZING in my eyes! He is so thoughtful when it comes to my needs. He is such a good father to our children. I LOVE it most when I see him interact with our babies, it just warms my heart! Chloe just adores her father and is definetly a daddy's girl. When ever I say NO to something she runs to daddy and bats her eyes...and usually he gives in...SOFTIE! But that is what I love about him. I also love that he almost always lets me be right...even though he thinks I am wrong...although it has taken him 5 years to get this one right!!!!! Here are some of the things I love about my sweetheart and some pics through the years to go along with them!!!

First and foremost he is an amazing Husband as I said!
He is very sincere

He LISTENS very well...well most of the time

He usually does the dishes...yeah SCORE! Thanks babe!

He is a hard worker with great goals
He is an amazing father

He is FUNNY! He has a great sense of humor!

He is smart

He takes amazing care of me...I always come first which is why our relationship works so well
He is so loving and tender hearted

Brian I love you...HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

3 1/2 WEEKS OLD!

So here is another post comming 2 weeks late this time...Here are some pictures of Korbin at 3 1/2 weeks old! He just keeps getting cuter and least to us!

Must have been Gas...
He does this face quite oftin...especially when he is hungry!

This one showcases his lil birthmark...Chloe, Korbin and I all have little red birthmarks somewhere on our bodies! Too funny!
This last one is my favorite! He just looks sooo peaceful!

Monday, June 9, 2008

ABC of Me thanks to Mel!

Thanks to my WONDERFUL friend Mel I will be doing the ABCS of me! ENJOY!

A Attached or Single: Very much attached at the hip to my Chunky!
B Best Friend : Chunky again...I love you Hunny!
C Cake or Pie : Cake...Cheesecake all the way!
D Day: Friday, it is date night...and a chance to get away from my 5 year old for more than 2 mins! I LOVE you Chloe!
E Essential Item: Cherry Natural Ice Chapstick...the ONLY kind I use and the BEST! Try it guys!
F Favorite Color: Um...Black, anyone who knows me knows my closet consists of black, black and more black!
G Gummi Bears or Worms: Neither...GROSS...I prefer CHOCOLATE! Especially the new Hershey BLISS!
H Hometown: Spokane Washington
I Indulgences: Chocolate and Pedicures
J January or July: Definetly July I HATE JAN! I am so sick of the snow by then...July is HOT and we get to SWIM!!!
K Kids: Chloe and Korbin, the loves of my life!
L Life is incomplete without: My family!
M Marriage Date: December 13, 2002 and it was on Friday the 13th! Funny Huh??
N Number of Siblings: 3 brother and 3 sisters...ALL YOUNGER!
O Oranges or Apples: Apples...Pacific Rose are my FAVORITE!
P Phobias or Fears: Someone in my family dying...MORBID I know but I am always soooo scared that will happen.
Q Quote : "Live everyday to the fullest because you never know when it will be your last."
R Reason to Smile: Because my teeth are so dang perfect! J/K Because it is CONTAGIOUS!
S Season: Summer...I LOVE to Tan, Swim, Boat and CAMP especially!
T Tag Three People: Heather Brady, Haley Clarke, and Kiley Daines
U Unknown Fact About Me: I hate doing the dishes, when we lived in Hawaii we didnt have a dishwasher and I think I did the dishes MAYBE 15 times in a year and a half! Yeah my husband ROCKS!
V Vegetarian or Carnivore: Both...I try to eat meat as sparingly as possible but I do like it on occasion!
W Worst Habit: Saying too much!
X X-rays or Ultrasound: Ultrasound...I am with you usually brings GREAT news!
Y Your favorite food: Vegitarian Pizza from Papa Johns with an order of Cheese sticks and a Coke!
Z Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

So today was my birthday and it was sooo lovely! We had lunch at my parents, which was mom is the best! We had Chicken with melted Provlone cheese, sauted Mushroom and Onions, Asparagus, Garlic Mash Potatoes and bread. Then Brian, Korbin and I took a long (AND WELL NEEDED) 3 hr nap...VERY nice. Then per my request (which Brian didnt want to) we took some family pictures, that turned out pretty good...other than the fact that I still have massive baby weight to loose...granted Korbin is only 11 days old...but I want it off.
Then we had cake, my favorite German Chocolate...and opened presents. I got some new clothes and flip flops from my parents, new MAC eyeshadow from my sister, a bag of DOVE chocolate from my other sister, and a new purse from Brian which I got two months ago because I couldnt wait to have it. I waited ONE week after buying it and couldnt not have it so he gave it to me early! Thanks Babe! It is the cutest purse ever! It is made by B. Makowsky and it has Cheeta inside and I LOVE IT!
In all it was a nice day with Sunshine and I felt blessed to spend it with my family!