Sunday, August 17, 2008


Every single time I take Korbin to go and get his pics taken he either cries or wont smile! It makes me so fricking mad. Chloe has been a ham since 4 weeks and got her pic every month till she was 1...not Korbin he wont smile or even sit there without crying. So I took them to Walmart since one of my girlfriends works there and she did them and Chloes turned out GREAT and Korbin ofcourse wouldnt smile so his is horrible and to top it off he PUKED all over the outfit he was supposed to wear it was a cute lil blue outfit with cars on he got stuck doing his pics in the outfit that I had brought for a pic of the two of them...plain and colorless since he was going to wear it with Chloe so you now...not too many colors or pattern to are the pictures of my two lil Rug rats!

This was Korbins first picture at 4 weeks....yeah this was literally the only photo we took he cried right after she snapped it!

I LOVE this one of Chloe she looks sooooo BIG!

She is stylish huh.....????? Too funny!

I thought this one was sooooooo cute....

And here is FATTY...he looks soooo BIG in this pic with those overalls on...he actually isnt as Fat as this pic makes him looks and the outfit is BLAND...remember the PUKE!

She is such a poser...I LOVE it though I always know I can count on a good pic of Chloe!

Well at least I have photos to remember but I decided that Professional pics suck and I like the ones I take more!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Korbin's Blessing!

So yesterday was Korbins Blessing. Some of my family from Boise came up this week to participate in the Blessing. It has been such a wonderful week having my Grandparents(my fathers), Aunt, Uncle and cousins here. We have been boating and just enjoying each others company. My father blessed Korbin while my Grandfather and two of our friends joined in the circle. It was such a precious blessing. My father is in tune with the spirit and his blessings are always so touching and feel directed right at you. During sacrament meeting my Grandfather got up and bore his testimony and it was sooooo touching. He spoke about the feeling of blessing his great-grandson and how touched he was by the opportunity to do so. He expressed love for Brian in our family and about families in general and just touched me to hear his testimony especially since we dont know how much longer he will be around. I was so moved that I even got up and bore my testimony...yeah guys...1st time since I was 16...yeah 9 years ago....And as usual I cried through the entire thing. But it was so wonderful to be able to express my testimony to my family while they were all here. In all a very spiritual and moving sacrament meeting.
Arent they so sweet!

My Family
My Parents and Korbin!
My Family visiting from Boise

Our cute little Munchkin!

Chubba Bubba!!!

I just LOVED his blessing was a white shirt and linen overalls! TOO CUTE!

I LOVE this picture of my Grandparents. They just adored Korbin and it was so precious. I love my Grandparents so much and dont have any clue what I would do with out them!


Well Korbin had his 2 month check up last week and this boy is sure growing fast! He is already 12 pounds 1 oz! Yeah CHUNKY! We are loving every minute of it! Although he has pretty much quit nursing, ever since our trip to Utah! :( He just decided that it is too hard I guess and that the bottle is faster...I keep trying but he pretty much refuses! So bottle it is! But he is growing well and is just soooo sweet! He really has started smiling the last two weeks and is just so happy when he sees familiar faces, I LOVE IT!!!! He is a doll and are so lucky to have him in our family!

Mt Adams...

So about a MONTH AGO...yeah I suck!!!! Brian Hiked Mt.Adams with my Dad and the Scouts 14-18 years old. It was our wards High Adventure! He said it was one of the hardest things he has ever done. The freaking mountain was still covered in snow!!!! Yeah does that sound like fun girls????? HECK NO WAY!!!! It truly sounds like torture. It took them 3 days and more than 1/2 of them didnt even make it to the summit of the mountain since the terain was just BRUTAL! He had such a good time and it was soooo good for him to go and spend time with those Men and boys where he was really able to feel the spirit. Here are some of the pictures from the trip!

Bri getting his gear on! My Dad with his stupid red Wool socks...STYLISH DAD!!!
The Crew before they left!
The DREADED MOUNTAIN! 12,276 ft at the Summit! CRAZY STUFF!!!!
Beautiful but NO THANK YOU!
Bri lookin tired already!My Dad with his pack on...that looks way TOO HEAVY and NOT fun to me!
1/2 Way up the mountain!

This pic looks like what Hell is to me...Hiking up that steep of a face of a mountain with snow on it seriously couldnt have been fun...Who knows but I know I will never do something like that. Brian had a good time and that is all that matters...oh PS this is the funniest part...they had to pee and crap in a they didnt polute the mountain...FUNNY!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


So, I know I haven't posted in like FOREVER! Yeah been a little busy! We got back from our trip to Utah and it was sooo much fun! We went down to see Brian's parents and had a really good time. We went to the Planetarium, Park City, we BBQ and just visited! We were also able to see Brians brother Brandon and his family. Chloe LOVES her cousin Angel and they play so well together. It is always so great to go down and see them. Chloe had a blast playing in her sandbox till the sand got in places we will not mention! OUCH!

The weather was BLASTED HOT and DRY. My skin and body felt like it got the life sucked out of it! Here are some pics of our trip...

Korbin and Grandpa Crenshaw

Korbin sitting on Grandmas lap on the patio
Chloe and Korbin chillin on the patio...

This picture just cracks me up...I think he had had enough of sitting on sisters lap.

We also had the chance to see some of our old friends. We wanted to go up into Mill Creek Canyon and have a fire but it was toooo crowed so we just BBQ at the house. It was great to catch up and see what everyone was up to and how much they have changed...or some of them havent changed or done anything with their lives...SAD.

We also got to see one of my DEAREST friends MEL!! Oh and Todd and family! It was soooo great to see her and catch up. I love her dearly and wish we lived closer as we would be BEST FRIENDS! They just bought a house and have decorated and painted it so well. Congrats you guys! We just love spending time with them as we click so well. Even the kids played soooo well, I dont even remember any tears...oh except from Abby!

We also went down to Orem to visit my brothers Brice and Seth. It is always wonderful to see them since I dont get to very often. We went and BBQ hot dog and smores! It was so great to see them!

In all it was a fabulous trip and now we are trying to get back into our routine so we can start getting ready for Chloe to start school here in like 4 weeks! Scary and very exciting!