Thursday, April 16, 2009


So for all of you who have tried to look at my books, for some reason they wouldn't show up on the page. So I put a link in so you can click on them you can view the books! Sorry I am such a NIM WHIT!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


So for all of you who don't know yet or haven't gotten a email from me...I am now a consultant for Heritage Makers. They are a online storybook publishing company. The minute I saw these books I FELL IN LOVE! The message these storybooks send is amazing. There are so many things you can do with these books! So quick and short, the 10 reasons I chose to go Digital with my scrapbooks with Heritage Makers!!!

1. NO MESS!!! I would spend 20 mins laying my stuff out. Work for oh...30 mins. Then clean back up for 2o mins. 40 mins cleaning and organizing for 30 mins of working...I can create a book in one hour with no clean up and no mess!!! LOVE THAT!!! And...the whole book is done...not just one page!

2. No handwriting the story behind each and every picture. No sloppy hand writing. You tell the story through the whole book and don't have to leave anything out. And you can tell the story while it is still fresh in your mind. Not 2 years-10 years later!

3. NO cutting and resizing of pictures. You drag and drop the picture on the page and crop it how ever you want! Also no ruining your photos with cutting them up!

4. SOOOOO many embellishments to choose from: buttons, ribbon, clips, roses, sea shells, leafs etc...anything you want without going to store after store to find that stupid Palm Tree for your page!

5. I can order as many copies of my book as I want. With traditional scrapbooks you get 1!!! If your kids rip the pages out, you are out of luck. With Heritage Makers you log on and order a new one! Your mom, grandma or sibling wants a copy. Log on and order one!

6. You don't get bored. There are so many templates and projects to choose from. And you can go back and forth between them till you finish one. Books, calendars, playing cards, single pages to put in a frame as a picture, and many many more!

7. It was on Oprah's top 100 list of best things at NUMBER 1~ IT is really cool to see a product I love so much shown national recognition! Click here to see it!

8. The books are so meaning full!!! You can write a story that will touch their hearts. I can't wait till I write my dad's life in a short book for my children to read and know about their grandpa before he was their grandpa. All the wonderful things he has done in his life. It is preserving our heritage for my children! You can write a love story for your husband as a gift.. So many choices!

9. Actually do something with my photos. They have been in boxes for the last 4 years. When I got them out to start my books I got really sad. I have all of these amazing photos yet I do NOTHING with them. My photos are my most PRECIOUS treasure. I always am saying if I lost my pictures I would DIE! Yet I don't do anything with them...SAD! Now I can and I can have books to read to my kids and show them that I love them and love their story!

10. TELL THE STORY! I want to tell the story behind the pictures. I don't want another "PHOTO ALBUM!" I want a STORYBOOK! I want to tell the story behind the pictures. All the wonderful memories behind each photo! Because what is a photo without the story...just some faces!

Well here are my two projects! Enjoy!!!!!

This is Chloe's "I am a Child of God Book!" Click here and view

Here is my Album from Hawaii!!!! Click here and view

Let me know if you are interested in creating a book for your family!!!!