Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Bloody Accident!

Unfortunately I have no pictures to go along with the story! So on Saturday my little sister and Chloe were playing with Korbin, they were playing house. I am in the bathroom and all of a sudden I hear Korbin screaming bloody murder...a cry I have never heard. So I open the door and yell What is wrong with Korbin what happened. My sister brings Korbin into the bathroom blood GUSHING out of his mouth...EVERYWHERE...(I am still in the bathroom) and I am like What happened to him...she says I dropped him on his face...great! So blood is everywhere I cant figure out where it is coming from (I am still in the bathroom) so I yell at her to go and get my mom. In the mean time I am sitting there holding Korbin dabbing the blood with toilet paper. My mom finally gets down stairs and I yell at her to take him so I can get out of the bathroom. So she leaves and I finish and go out to see what is going on. My sister is upstairs crying hysterically!( She felt sooooo bad, but it was an honest accident!) So we have No idea what actually happened. So we run get ice and put it on his face/mouth to reduce the swelling. He wont open his mouth so we can see what is going on....I am almost in tears...Chloe keeps chirping in the background "...dropped him on his head and now he is bleeding to death." I start yelling at Chloe to SHUT UP and butt out. So she gets upset. Long story short...she was trying to move him while sitting in the Bumbo and he fell out the front from like a ft and 1/2. He is totally fine just cut his lip and pushes his top tooth through the gum. It was a little nerve racking but it was all and accident and no one is seriously injured...thank heavens! My poor sister was more traumatized than Korbin. But who hasn't been dropped as a baby! I know I was! The joys of being a little baby! Here is a couple pics of the little one I took the other day! Isn't he getting so dang cute!

Monday, November 24, 2008


So on Thursday night at MIDNIGHT I went with my mom and sisters to the the Twilight movie...along with some other gals from my ward and it was sooooooooo much fun! A lady in our ward had a pre-party and it was great. She went all out with posters and gifts she was sweet!
And I LOVE LOVE LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!! A bunch of people complained that is wasn't like the book but COME ON PEOPLE!! How do you get 48hrs (how long it took you to read the book) in a 2 hr movie?????? Everyone has a different opinion of what their fav part of the movie it will NEVER have everything in it that you LOVED in the book. So go into it with an open mind and you will LOVE IT! I DID ! I thought it was great! I loved all the actors. Especially Charlie, Bella and Jessica! Thought they were great! I like Edward too he did a good job but I had invisioned someone so incredibly SEXY! Anyways I loved it and cant wait to go and see it agin with Brian! It rocked and I cant wait for New moon! Let me know how you all thought the movie was!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TAG I'm it again! 6th folder, 6th picture~!

So my 6th picture in my 6th folder was this one:

It was April 4th 2006.  We had been in Hawaii 13 days!  We were at Sunset Beach! Chloe was just barely 3 and just so dang cute!  Looking at those pictures in that folder made me so sad. Looking at how tiny and sweet she was then! Why does time have to go by so fast and why do we have to grow up so fast!  I LOVED Chloe at age 3.  She was still a hand full but just so innocent and kind and sweet.  Now she is still sweet most of the time just a tad bit sassy and crabby!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

TAG I'm it!!! ...sorry so long Haley!!!!

4 Random Things About My Husband:
-He is really shy
-Really smart although he doesnt use it as much as he could!
-Is a major handy man! My mom loves him to death because he fixes and builds everything for her...a new wall in the house for a new room, a tree house, a dog house, changes out light bulbs, fixes toilets, changes light bulbs, name it he's done it!
-He has beautiful BLUE of his best qualities!

4 Movies That I Could Watch More Than Once:
-Nepolian Dynamite
-Italian Job
-August Rush
-Transporter!!! MY FAV OF ALL TIME!

4 TV Shows That I Watch:
-MEN IN TREES!-used to watch since they cancelled it...I HATE FAV show EVER!!!
-Greys Anatomy
-Jon and Kate plus 8
-Prison Break

4 Places I Have Been:
-Hawaii-all the islands!

4 Favorite Foods:
-Rainbow Sherbet

4 Places I Would Like To Visit:
-Sacred Grove
-San Diego Temple again
-The Carribean

4 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Year:
-Brian HOPEFULLY getting Baptized
-THANKSGIVING! My fav holiday...not because of the food but to remind us of all we have to be thankful for!
-Getting a new car (Toyota Seqouia)
-Becomming more Christlike!

I want to Tag:
Cassie Daines
Heather Chapman
Have fun girls!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chloe looses her FIRST TOOTH!!!!

So we have been in SLC since Friday and we are having a good time! It is a short quick trip, but we are excited to be here. We got to see some of our BESTEST friends yesterday and it was so much fun! Whenever we see them it seems as if time never passed. They are such good friends and we miss them so much! We LOVE them dearly and wish they'd move to Spokane to be closer to us!!!! We love you Riches!

It has been sooo nice spending time with Brian's family. We always have such a wonderful time with them and miss them so much while we are away. We cant wait to come back down for Christmas and spend some more quality time with them since this will be a such a quick trip!

So Chloes frount bottom tooth has been loose for a while and so last night it was just dangling so we told Chloe she had to pull it out, otherwise it would fall out in her sleep and she would choke on it! So needless to say it was a LONG TRAUMATIC experience!!!!!! We had tied dental floss around the base so that we could pull the floss and it would pop out! Once I had gotten the floss on I pulled a little and she started SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER! So I decided to let her try to do it herself. Well she wouldnt and wanted to take the floss out but I couldnt because it was tied around the base and was under the tooth...Well it took her about 45 mins and finally after all the tears and screaming and NO TOOTH, I had Brian hold her down and I yanked the two strings and out it popped and she stopped crying and started laughing and smiling and was soooooo excited to have her first tooth out..yeah we should have just held her down at the begining and it wouldnt have been so bad! Now we know for next time! Here are a few pics of her TRAUMATIC night!

Korbin is 5 months old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where does time go???? I cant believe that he is already 5 mos old. He is getting sooooo big. He is 17 pounds and 29 inches long. He has 2 more inches before he has to be moved out of the baby carseat. I am hopeing we can get him to sit up that way we can put him in a big carseat and he'll be able to sit up in shopping carts...we'll see! He is soooo SMILY! He is an even happier baby than Chloe was just a sweet heart. He is rolling over like crazy. Fount to back, back to front and all over. He started eating solids and is loving them especially bananas...which was Chloes favortie too! He is babbling like crazy and has so much to say. He is also teething. His bottom teeth are so close to comming in. Chloes loosing them and he is getting em...too funny!
Life is good and we are just trying to figure out what is next for us! Brian is trying to finish school and I am thinking of going back to school for cosmetology. We'll see though...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Pictures!

So...this was supposed to be a post about Brians Birthday but once again being the CRAZY wife I took NO pictures...although according to Brian it is just another day closer to death...MORBID HUH????  But we did manage to take a few family pictures! So here they are!

Time is flying by and I cant hardly get control of my life.  It seems sooooooo busy and CRAZY all the time...hopefully one of these days it will slow down and I can take a breath!  AHHHHHH!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So I am on a kick to LOOSE WEIGHT!  For real this time! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! I am like totally on a roll! I have been doing it for 2 weeks now and have lost 7 pounds and I feel freeking fabulous! My goal is to loose 30 by Christmas and then 45 by March! So root me on!  Weight Watchers seems to be the easiest thing I have tried! So we'll see how I feel in a month! But So far so good!  

Chloe is LOVING Kindergarten! She loves her teacher and cant wait to go every day to learn and grow!  She has sooo much to say and is really learning fast!  She has come home some days and told me what she learned or what she wrote and I can hardly believe that this is my 6 year old daughter!!!!!  She is extremely eager for Christmas!  She wants and American Girl doll soooooooooooooooooo bad for Christmas. That is all she can talk about, it is so funny! I have one and all my sisters have them!  They are the best doll that a girl can EVER HAVE.  What she doesnt know is that I have already bought it for her and it is sitting at her Grandma Crenshaws waiting for us (We are headed to utah for Christmas this year) Here is a picture of the one she wanted her name is Ruthie and she is really cute!
We are really excited to go to Utah for Christmas and can hardly wait! It will be so much fun!  

Korbin is getting sooooo BIG, I can hardly stand it! I havent taken any pictures for a while so I dont have one to post...I IKNOW sucky mom but I am having a hard time keeping up with 2 kids...AHHH it is harder than I thought it would be!  But he is soooooo precious.  He is like 4 mos and 2 weeks old and weights 16 pounds and is 29 inches long.  He is thinning out pretty fast! He is tall...oh he also has darker hair which I LOVE...who knows if it will stay that way but it is a light brown...not blond which is what I had expected!

Brian is working like crazy for one of his good friends ROOFING! Yeah a sucky sucky job!  But it pays and we need money so...he is also trying to finish his school but the test he is studing for right now will be really really hard so is a little nervous and has taken a little longer stufing than he should have! But he is doing good and turned 29 on Thurs...I will do that post later.  But he is feeling like an OLD GEEZER! 

Me...nothing much besides being a CRAZY out of CONTROL mother! I feel as if my head is chopped off...or like a zombie...I can NEVER get enough sleep...even though Korbin sleeps throught the night I still am ALWAYS tired.  I am hoping with this weight loss that it will speed up my metabolism and give me some energy that I am in desperet need of!  I chopped my hair which I will post a pic of later and LOVE IT! I went really blong and it is...well I cant explain, I'll post some of the hair tomorrow when I blog about Brians B-day! But I am loving having a baby again although it is hard I really am LOVING it! HE is a wonderful baby! And Chloe is adjusting pretty well, although some days she wants to send Korbin back to where he came from! She loves him but I can tell she misses her time alone with us!  This week I am going to take her out for a mommy and daughter night to show her she is still important! 

Well thats my life lately!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Like father Like Son!

So the last month while shopping I found these AWESOME jammies for Korbin!  They have Helicopters on them and are so adorable!  They were a little pricy but I HAD to get them!  They look so cute on him!!! He is almost 4 mos old and just getting sooooo cute!  He is teething though which is RUFF!  He is in a lot of pain and it seems like nothing is working.  Gees why does it have to be so painful...I feel so bad for the kido!  We had him weighed the other day and he was 15.5 pnds!  CRAZY HUH???? He is a big boy, although this last week he is thinning out a little I think he is growing in height!  He is precious and we are just eating him up!  

My two Cuties!

Here are a couple cute pics I took of the kids the other day!  

Korbin's eyes are getting soooo blue!  I LOVE that Chloe and Korbin both have blue eyes like their daddy!

Here is a picture showing that Chloe really does LOVE her least I have one to prove it! HAHAHA

Friday, September 5, 2008

First day of Kindergarten!

Oh my goodness, I have been dreading this post for oh a year. Yes it was Chloes first day of KINDERGARTEN! I cant believe where time has gone. My little girl is a big girl and goes to Kindergarten! She absolutly LOVED IT! Her teacher is soooo sweet. She was also my brothers kindergarten teacher. She had a wonderful day and cant wait to go back today! She is doing PM which is great that way she can sleep in...her favorite! Time flys thats all I have to say!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well I finally got camping photos downloaded and decided to write about it. For years we have been going to Heyburn State park in Idaho to camp and boat! It is sooooo much fun! We LOVE camping. Although this year was a little different. This was Brian and Chloes first time going to this camp site. We camped with my family and that was GREAT but also a little crazy. There were 10 other families from our ward that went as well. So there were tons and tons of kids and people running around! You see usually when Brian and I camp we are only in charge of our family. But going with my family ment there were 6 other people going to think about. There was sooooooo much STUFF. Brian's truck, my dad's ext cab Dodge and the boat were PACKED FULL!!!! So ofcourse my little borthers and sisters are WORTHLESS and helped Load or unload NOTHING!!!!! So Brian and I were stuck doing there work! It is crazy how much you need for 6 people. I think they had 12 rubber maids full of cooking supplies, pots and pans, 4 icechests, food stc. Blow up mattresses, sleeping bags, tents, clothes, and the list goes one. We had two luggage bags, 3 rubbermaids and 1 icechest....BIG DIFFERENCE. So it was a little stressful trying to get everything packed and loaded and unloaded and set up. But once all the hard work was done we had a really good time!!!! We boated and ate, brian built a bike jump and practically everyone went on it! They had a good time. We also went to Saint Marries for their Annual Paul Bunyon days where they have the BEST fireworks EVER...that I have ever seen. They cost $30,000. And they are AMAZING!!!! We had a lot of Fun although at times it was high stress!!!! Maybe we'll go again next year although my Mom said it was her last year going...she hates camping so...we'll see.

Chunk jumping off his Ramp...

Chloe with the cute Hemenway boys on the boat watching the Men jump off the ramp!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Every single time I take Korbin to go and get his pics taken he either cries or wont smile! It makes me so fricking mad. Chloe has been a ham since 4 weeks and got her pic every month till she was 1...not Korbin he wont smile or even sit there without crying. So I took them to Walmart since one of my girlfriends works there and she did them and Chloes turned out GREAT and Korbin ofcourse wouldnt smile so his is horrible and to top it off he PUKED all over the outfit he was supposed to wear it was a cute lil blue outfit with cars on he got stuck doing his pics in the outfit that I had brought for a pic of the two of them...plain and colorless since he was going to wear it with Chloe so you now...not too many colors or pattern to are the pictures of my two lil Rug rats!

This was Korbins first picture at 4 weeks....yeah this was literally the only photo we took he cried right after she snapped it!

I LOVE this one of Chloe she looks sooooo BIG!

She is stylish huh.....????? Too funny!

I thought this one was sooooooo cute....

And here is FATTY...he looks soooo BIG in this pic with those overalls on...he actually isnt as Fat as this pic makes him looks and the outfit is BLAND...remember the PUKE!

She is such a poser...I LOVE it though I always know I can count on a good pic of Chloe!

Well at least I have photos to remember but I decided that Professional pics suck and I like the ones I take more!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Korbin's Blessing!

So yesterday was Korbins Blessing. Some of my family from Boise came up this week to participate in the Blessing. It has been such a wonderful week having my Grandparents(my fathers), Aunt, Uncle and cousins here. We have been boating and just enjoying each others company. My father blessed Korbin while my Grandfather and two of our friends joined in the circle. It was such a precious blessing. My father is in tune with the spirit and his blessings are always so touching and feel directed right at you. During sacrament meeting my Grandfather got up and bore his testimony and it was sooooo touching. He spoke about the feeling of blessing his great-grandson and how touched he was by the opportunity to do so. He expressed love for Brian in our family and about families in general and just touched me to hear his testimony especially since we dont know how much longer he will be around. I was so moved that I even got up and bore my testimony...yeah guys...1st time since I was 16...yeah 9 years ago....And as usual I cried through the entire thing. But it was so wonderful to be able to express my testimony to my family while they were all here. In all a very spiritual and moving sacrament meeting.
Arent they so sweet!

My Family
My Parents and Korbin!
My Family visiting from Boise

Our cute little Munchkin!

Chubba Bubba!!!

I just LOVED his blessing was a white shirt and linen overalls! TOO CUTE!

I LOVE this picture of my Grandparents. They just adored Korbin and it was so precious. I love my Grandparents so much and dont have any clue what I would do with out them!