Friday, November 13, 2009

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Monday, November 2, 2009




Monday, October 26, 2009


September flew by...I don't even know where it went!!!!!!!!! Chloe started first grade! She loves it! My mom's best friend is her teacher Mrs. Kenworthy! She loves and adores her! She is doing well and loving it. She is in a 1st-2nd combo class. Which has proven AMAZING for her. She is challenged and wants to do better. Here are her first day of school pictures! Oh and her new hair cut! A short A-line!

Brian got his patriarchal blessing. SUPER AMAZING!!!!!!! He has come leaps and bounds this last year! I am so proud of him and all his has done for himself! He is such amazing man and I LOVE HIM!!!!!!


Korbin is OBSESSED with the piano! He plays it every day! It is so cute! I have a picture of myself playing this very piano at his age at my Grandma Hope's house! I LOVE IT! I hope he continues to have the desire to play as he gets older. I love when men can play the piano...especially when they sing and play the piano...lets hope he will be gifted with my voice and not Brian's!( Sorry hunny!)

My Baby boy!

Korbin is so BIG! He is 15 months old in these pictures! He is so incredibly smart...and has the cutest personality. He is walking and running all over the place! He is a boy for sure!!!!!!!
Here is is with his "Heliclopter"!

Heyburn State Park

Every year (for the last 10 years) a few family from our ward go on this camp out over Labor Day weekend. We went and camped a few days before any one else got up there to spend some quality family time before my sister Janae headed off the BYUI for school! We had so much fun with just our family.

We went on the boat a lot! We also rode a 22 mile bike trail from Heyburn to was crazy long! Everyone was exausted at the end...AND WE DIDN'T EVEN TAKE ANY PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!

Korbin LOVES sitting in Grandpa seat with him and driving!
The highlight for Brian was jumping off this bridge (since he couldn't do anything else..STUPID ARM!) He was such a good boy I was so proud of him all summer long...he missed out on so many fun things because of his arm but was a really good sport about it!!!!!!!!
It felt like they were falling forever! All of them dad, brian and my two sisters!

In all it was a fun camping trip! Good food, good friends and lots of excitement! Cant wait to go next year!!!!!!!!

Our PETS!!!!

I thought these pictures were funny so I decided to post them! Most people have normal pets...cats, dogs, birds, lizards etc....but for us, up here on APACHE PASS LANE...we have Moose and wild turkeys as our pets...these are some pictures we took this summer of the wild animals in our back yard!!!!!!!!!!


So this year we decided to take our very first FAMILY VACATION!
Destination: Oregon Coast!!!!!
We thought it would be so much fun to camp our way down the coast of Oregon! If we could...we would have made it an extra 3 days longer!!!! We had so much fun! The kids loved it and the scenery was BEAUTIFUL! We camped the whole time too! SO FUN!!! Except the small tent we brought...I wanted to down size seeing as we were taking our whole house with time...we will bring our LARGE TENT...A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beginning of Trip

Chloe and her Webkinz dog she got so she would be good in the car! BRIBERY!
The kidos!
So the first night we spent on the Washington Coast...Right outside West Port in Twin Harbor! This was such a beautiful camp ground. It was so lush and green, and really quiet! We loved it...the first night was really hard though. Since the tent was small we brought our pads and laid them all out and were planning on us all sleeping together...Korbin didn't like not being in his crib. He cried and screamed and wouldn't lay down. I was so irritated...what kid wants to be in a crib...HIM! So finally after 40 mins of him freaking out...Brian got up and got his portable crib and we drug it into the tent and he fell asleep in minutes...BRAT! And we were all squished together in this small area since his crib took up the whole tent...Ahhh...

Our dinky tent

The truck only 1/2 loaded

The next morning we packed up and were headed for Cannon Beach and we were staying at Nehalem Bay and my best friend Aubre and her husband Dan were meeting us there (they live in Portland) to stay a night with us! So we were off! The first stop we made was in Astoria! It was soooooooo BEAUTIFUL there! As we were coming to bridge to cross over into Astoria it was so cloudy! But it looked so cool!

Once over the bridge we had BLUE SKYS!!!!! And this cute little boat harbor!
Next we went to Seaside...Where it was also really cloudy. We walked all the way down to the beach and let the kids run around for a little while! Then we went to the outlet malls and got the kids some winter clothes that were EXTREMELY on sale! LOVE OUTLETS!

Next we headed to the famous Cannon Beach! That to was really cloudy!

But Chloe had fun in the sand! We played and then ate pizza! Then it got super cold so we had to go and buy the kids sweatshirts so they didn't freeze.

Korbin HATED the sand for some reason. It was quite entertaining! Any time you would try to put his feet in the sand he would start crying so hard. Or if I dropped sand on the top of his foot...he would loose it! Guess he doesn't like sand yet!

Nehalem Bay

Then we headed for Nehalem Bay to set up camp for the night! Now this camp ground kinda was really dry...but Aubre and Dan have camped there before and said that the beach is really pretty and quiet. We didnt get to go because it was really cold after dinner and started to sprinkle!

Korbin LOVED The dirt! But then again what little boy doesn't?????

We woke up the next morning and went back to Cannon Beach with Aubre and Dan to go and fly kites! Chloe has been dying to fly her Pink Bug kite since we got it last year. We never had enough wind to fly in the beach was the PERFECT place! So we headed off to fly till our hearts were content!
Good Morning!
We stopped at this little look out and took some was so pretty!

Bri and Clo

This was the the prettiest look out!
This was my creative picture for the it!

Chloe LOVED this sweatshirt we got her our first day at Cannon Beach...she is her mothers daughter...she loves Tye dye!!!! LOL!
Then Dan and Brian took a little hike down to this cliff while Aubre, the kids and I stayed in the car!
Cannon Beach 2

Chloe had so much fun flying her kite...

She was even kind enough to share with everyone else!

She got to dig in the sand...

And seeing that Korbin doesnt like the sand he just walked around and didnt touch the sand...!
One of our only Family PICS! I am usually the one behind the camera so you don't see very many pics of me!
We ate lunch and Aubre and Dan headed home and we headed off. We stopped at another look out that was in Lincoln city and it had some pretty views!
Here is one more picture of the truck packed full!!!
Beverly Beach Campground!
It is right outside of Newport (where the Aquarium is)! Beverly's campground was by far the best one! IT WAS SOOOOO PRETTY! You can tent camp or rent a yurt! We had so much fun here. We went on a bike ride and played at their nice playground. We cant wait to go back to this campground it was sooooo nice! It was by far our favorite!
Beverly Beach! They have tide pools with sea was too cold that day to go out so we didnt get to see them! But the other campers said they are really cool!

We woke up the next morning and went to the Aquarium in Newport! It got such good reviews and we LOVE THE ONE IN MAUI so we were so excited to go and take Korbin since he has never been to an aquarium...but I have to wasnt that good. Chloe and Korbin had fun but I was dissapointed. For how much we paid it wasnt that good. It didnt even come close to the one in Maui. But it was fun and the kids had a good time! There were a few touching tide pools that chloe just LOVED IT!!!!

Jelly Fish

Chloe LOVED this tide pool with the star fish!
One of the tide pools!
Worlds largest crab...some kind of chinese crab!

She was so funny..."Please take a picture with me sitting on the shark!"

After we finished at the Aquarium we headed off for PORTLAND to go and stay with Aubre and Dan for a couple days and hang out! I was super excited it was my first time going and visiting Aubre since she moved to Portland!!!! We ate at this AMAZING Thai resturant! We went to the portland market, chloe got her face painted (which looked aweful and we waited for 30 mins), we went and ate at Whole Foods...soooo yummy! We went to Powells, this new and used book store that is a whole square block BIG! It was soooooo awesome! The coolest book store I have ever been to!
I bought about 5 OLD SCHOOL Dr.Suess books that are normally $14.99 a peice for $5.49 a peice! They were used but in EXCELLENT condition! SUPER STEAL! We walked like 10 miles around downtown I swear...(don't really know how far we walked but it was like ALL DAY!) But it was soooo fun! We also rode the city tram and CHLOE loved it. She has NEVER rode in a public bus/tram before so she thought it was so cool!!!!!

WE went and played at the park and had Chipolte burritos and Chocolate cake! We had so much fun and were so glad that they let us come and INTRUDE for a few days. I know it is hard to be bombarded especially when you bring two kids!

We had such a good trip! We can' wait to go back next summer! Spending quality time with the kids was just wonderful!