Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spokane, Preschool and a NEW due date!

Well we are finally in Spokane and it is cold as HECK! We are finally settling in and trying to make our smaller duplex work! It is ok...We are 5 mins away from my parents, across the street from the church building, and in a GREAT ward where we know 1/2 the people so...we will make it work! Unpacking is just as much fun as packing was. There are boxes everywhere and I dont want to do it anymore. So we cleaned up the upstairs and threw all the rest of the boxes in the basement and garage so...its a maze getting into bed but I just dont go down there if I dont have to!!! I'll get to the basement next week once I take a breather!

Other new our way is that I had a doctors apointment today and he pushed my due date back to JUNE 9! I was just arguing with him about it...AHHHH he said the baby is measuring small...which is STupID because Chloe measured small and I just have small babies! Oh well my arguing did nothing... he said I'm the doctor with the degree and I make the call...I wanted to CRY! Oh well...I guess really the baby will come when it wants and no due date will change that so...I'll deal!

Chloe just started Pre School this week and is really enjoying it! Her teacher said she is doing great and that this was very needed for her. That she thrived in that environment! So yeah...glad we could finally afford to get her in. That way in September when she starts Kindergarten she will hopefully do well!

Anywhoo thats about all the exciting news!

Monday, February 11, 2008


So the weather here the last few days has bee LOVELY! On saturday it was 75 deg...yeah 75! I could hardly believe it! It was so nice. We got to go outside and enjoy the was GREAT! We even got to go to my Grandfathers grave and clean it up a bit. Today the high is gonna be 70!!!! Yeah so we move on friday and the weather in Washington is horrible. In the 30's and 2 ft of snow! I AM CRAZY moving back there. I HATE the snow more than anything and i will still have to deal with it for another 2 mos in Washington! OH depression will set in! I am really sad to leave this nice weather but I know moving to Washington will be best for our family! So off we go!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I OFFICIALLY HATE MOVING! This will be our 3 move in 6 mos. From Hawaii to Spokane, Spokane to Redding and now back to Spokane! I hate packing it is horrible. I really dont mind unpacking it the packing that is torture! My house is full of boxes and clutter and I can hardly stand it. I go to one room and feel OVERWHELMED...go to a different room and feel the I go and sit on the couch and pout and whine that I can't get anything done and wanna throw it all away! Ok I dont want to throw it away...I LOVE ALL MY STUFF I just want it to magically get boxed on its own! Why does it have to be so hard? On top of it...we leave in 9 days to drive with two HUGE Budget rental trucks and my Outback towed behind one of the trucks and I am driving Brian's truck...AHHHH I hate his truck! It is a stinky work truck! Plus it is gonna be SNOWING THE WHOLE DRIVE. I am so stressed out due to that! I hate driving in the is scary. I am just totally not looking foreward to this move AT ALL!!!!!

The only thing I am looking foreward to is my Best friends Aubre and Kevin fly in on Wednesday to help us and we are gonna go to San Francisco for the let off some stress before we PACK THE TRUCKS AND DRIVE 14 hrs! YIPPY!!!!

So we just ordered Chloe and Korbins Bedroom Bedding and they are sooooo cute!

The only difference is that Korbins crib is is all gonna look sooo cute together. I am having them share room even though we have 4 bedrooms our new place because 2 are upstairs and 2 downstairs and I dont feel comfortable having Chloe upstairs all by we all going in the basement and I will have a guest/office and a playroom upstairs! It will be nice! Now all I need to do is get Chloes bed painted black which I was supposed to do like...months ago...Just been lazy! But at least I have their cute bedding and it matches and will look so cute in their room!

Well enough slacking for me...I gotta get back to work! YEEHA!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

So today I am so happy and SOOOO SAD!

First off I am sooooo happy today because I just found out today that I GOT INSURANCE!!!! YEAH! I am so excited and they are back dating it to 12/1/07 so they will cover all the visits I had while I was home and refund me! I am sooo happy I can hardly contain myself!

Then theres the sad news...Chloe has frickin HIVES all over her body. She is having a MASSIVE allergic reaction to something...we have NO IDEA what though. I am going crazy trying to figure out what caused it! I have already given her 4 doses of Benadryll and every 4 hours when the meds wear off it flares up again!!! She started getting it last night at about 8pm. Then she woke up in the middle of the night freaking out and it was so much worse. So gave her another dose. Then this morning she woke up again freaking out and gave her another dose...its making me keeps going away and comming back worse everytime! I feel sooo bad for her because it itches so bad. It all over her legs, back, stomach, face, ears...down there and on her tush! Poor thing is just miserable. Here are some pics of the Hives!

Hopefully they go away soon for both our sakes!