Tuesday, November 27, 2007

6 Facts about me you might not know...

Thank you Mel for tagging me!

1. I hate, hate, hate doing the dishes! I would rather clean anything else in the house than the dishes. So, poor Brian gets to do them mostly...yeah selfish huh? I just really hate doing them...it drys out your hands.

2. I used to love shopping but lately I don't have the patience for it! I can be gone no longer than 30 mins before I start freaking out and want to leave. WEIRD! I used to be able to shop for hours on end and really hate it now...which is good I guess...Brian likes it alot more.

3. I LOVE VEGGIES. Really I can eat them any time! There are only a few veggies that I don't eat, like...eggplant, radish, and I can only think of those two. My favorite however are carrots, broccoli, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, squash and zucchini.

4. DO NOT EVER WAKE ME WHEN I AM SLEEPING! Seriously, if you don't want your head bitten off then let me sleep. I am the rudest, crankiest, and meanist person every if you wake me up while I am sleeping. I might yell, kick or hit you! My dad used to stand at the door when I was in highschool and he'd wake me up for seminary because he knew I just might kick or hit him. I don't do it to be mean it is just a instant reaction to being woke up! I really need to improve on that but I really most of the time don't realize I am doing it! OOOOPS!

5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chapstick! I am always trying new kinds but...I always go back to two that I LOVE! Cherry Natural Ice...NOT THE ORIGINAL... that is definetly #1 then there is Burts Bees Menthlyl, if you haven't tried either...go buy them today...you will fall in love and they both feel so great on your lips!

6. I LOVE ARBYS. It is my favorite fast food resturant. I LOVE the Regular Roast Beef Sandwich and curly fries with a chocolate milk shake...heart attack...YEAH but it is sooooo good. And what is ever funnier is that my parents tried to get me to eat it when I was younger and I would never try it. So...the first time I tried it was my junior year in highschool...I CANT BELIEVE what I was missing out on! AHHHHHHH!

So there are a few tid bits about me!

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I am Tagging the only people who read this blog and have a blog themselves...Heather Brady, Heather Bigler and Becca Olsen!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

We are so incredibly Thankful!!!

I LOVE the Christmas season! I love the feeling in the air, everyone is kinder and more thoughtful! I find myself thinking of things that I can do for others and I LOVE IT! I love that my parents raised me to be greatful for the things I have and to share those with others! My parents have always been such an amazing example of a Christlike heart! They truly have shown me how to follow in the Saviors path. I thank my Father in Heaven eveyday for wonderful parents. Since I can remember we have always been doing charity work and helping other families in our town through the holiday season. There is NO OTHER feeling better in the world than helping someone in need and showing them the love that the savior would! I challange all of you to find someway that you can contribute to your community and show the savior's love through your hands! It can be as little as helping your neighbor, buying gloves for the homeless, donating food to the food bank and help hand it out, taking a childs name off the angel tree at the mall, mow someones law. Try to do as many things this holiday season as you can and I can promise that you will be truly blessed!
So I saw this on Heathers Blog and I too myself have been feeling so very thankful for so many things lately that I needed to share!

A ir we breath to stay alive
B rian, he is the BEST husband in the world, I could never ask for someone better!
C hrist, and his Atonement for us also my little Chloe Bugs, who light up my life!
D ark Chocolate :)
E ars to hear all the beautiful things of this world, rain, thunderstorms, birds chirping, singing, the wind blowing, the ocean, my daughter laughing!
F aith, without it I don't know where I would be and FAMILY
G od for this AMAZING world that we live in, what patience and care went into making this the best place for us all to be raised!
H ands, our home, Hawaii
I dividuality, that eveyone is their own person and it's meant to be that way!
J oseph Smith and the gospel he has brought back into our lives
K indness of others
L ilac flowers, the beautiful smell that they radiate and LIFE in general the chance to make a difference in this life that we have been giving and to make it home to heaven!
M y new car that runs so smooth! I LOVE IT, also Music...it can put you in any mood you want to be in!
N ever Judge another person...that is my goal this year to NEVER judge another person. We have never walked a day in their shoes and we have NO right to think bad thoughts about them...and I am greatful that I am working towards this goal!
O ur NEWEST addition to the family
P arents who love and care about us and will NEVER leave our side
Q uite moments, I love these moments when time stands still and it is peaceful and quite.
R eggae music and Rasberries
S easons, I love when the seasons change...I love them all except winter...I love fall when the leaves change and spring when the flowers bloom!
T aste buds to be able to taste all the wonderful food in this world...although it all tastes gross right now but I am greatful to be able to taste it
U nderstanding husband, I know I already used him but I am truly so GREATFUL for his presence in my life. He truly understands me and lets me be who I am without judgement...just pure understanding! I LOVE YOU BRIAN~
V oice, so I can express my feeling and also to be able to sing my heart out
W arm beds and Water that is essential to life!
X mas, it is a time for myself to reflect on the last year and remember what this life is all about...CHRIST and to help me start out my new year with him in my thoughts.
Y ou all. I am so incredibly thankful for all my friends and family who support us through all our journeys in life!
Z illions more things, I am feeling so thankful, I feel like the Lord has blessed my family in so many ways and I am truly grateful for that!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Merry Thanksmas!

So for Christmas this year I decided to get creative...since I have been having fun with my creative side the last few months. My In-Laws have everything they could possibly want and if they don't have it they can just go to the store and buy it! So buying them presents this year has been tough...and I have had to do it sooner than usual since we are having Thanksmas with them this year...(Thanksgiving and Christmas all in the same weekend since we are going to My parents for Real Christmas) So...My In-Laws LOVE their garden so I though...why not make them some bird houses for their garden so Chloe and I went to Michaels to buy some premade bird houses to paint and decorate! While we were there we found some wooden ornaments and I got some of those so we could make them some ornaments as well. I think it all turned out GREAT and with supplys and paint it only cost $42 for everything in all the pics! Pretty darn good! So tell me what you think, did they turn out? I can't tell if I just love them cuz I put 6 hrs into all of it or if they do look cute! Chloe helped out soooo much...she helped paint EVERY single item....I was really proud of her!
So this is Chloe's PINK Bird feeder! With Princess jewels on it...(BARF) I let her choose the color and the decorations she wanted to use since it is HER present! We'll see how the birds like it! HAHAHA
And this is my bird house. I had soooo much fun making this...Brian said I should make them and sell them but it took too long to make...like 3-4 hrs and it was exausting but I think it turned out Great!
Santa I pretty much did other than Chloe painting it ALL white first...yeah she got outa control after painting the snowman white and decided all the ornaments needed to be painted white!

This is "Roodle" as Chloe would say...she for some reason can't say Rudolf...it is soooo funny!
Chloe was soooo funny she insisted on putting glitter on the star because she says "All stars shine mom!" Duh...how would I not know that!
We did a Lady bug because as you all know, we call Chloe...Chloe Bugs, and for her first birthday we did a lady bug theme with lady bugs candle and all...so we all kinda associate lady bugs with Chloe!
And these are My In-Laws as Snowman...Frank is on the left and Jan on the right...and they even have REAL branches for arms!

Just another snowman!

So, in all it was a fun, fun day with Chloe and I know that these presents will mean more than any of the other store bought presents that I got fot them! Plus it was really fun doing it with Chloe and letting her use her creative side!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Ok I really honestly never thought I would miss Hawaii as much as I do! I MISS IT SO MUCH! Some days it makes me CRAZY!

I miss our friends,

the ocean and the beach

the warm weather

the dollor movie theater

the shopping


BBQ on the beach

our young couples get togethers

warm rain

Good resturants

Island Hopping!!!! I miss Kauai the most!

Although, I do NOT miss the cockroaches

the humidity

our CRAPY and tiny 1 bedroom apartment

our CRAPY car

food being so dang expenisve...i bought a head of lettuce for .88 today! Not $4 in Hawaii!!!

Island fever

Traffic from 2-7

No airconditioning

Crapy walmart furniture!

Our tiny full size bed

the poop smell on Kapiolani and twards the airport

Really I just miss all of our friends, it is soooo hard moving somewhere new when you know no one! We are having a really hard time here with friends, it seems that we don't click with anyone...OK really I am just feeling depressed and it has A LOT to do with being pregnant and sick all the time! But I know that if I was Hawaii I would have so much support and love from everyone so...PITTY PARTY FOR ME (HAHAHA!) I just want everyone from Hawaii to know how much you have impacted our lives for the good. You have all made us feel so wanted and needed and we really appreciated that! We miss you all and hopefully we can get back out there to see everyone soon! Here are a few pics I took of our BELOVED Island the weekend before we moved! I LOVE YOU OAHU!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well, Halloween this year was pretty fun. Chloe was more excited this year than last year and she looked so darling. Chloe was Snow White and everyone just loved her costume! She had the wig and all...she played the part as we all know that Chloe IS the Princess of the house, it was quite FUNNY! She had a Great time. We went to our ward Trunk or Treat and that was OK not the best but not bad. Then we went to my Grandmas house and saw my grandma, aunt and uncle and cousins (which LOVE Chloe, they are 12 and 15). We then walked around Grandmas neighborhood with them and had a really GREAT time! Brian and I were 80's Butt Rockers and had quite a FUN TIME...although at the trunk or treat all the elderly people were giving us NASTY looks we just laughed. We did get some GREAT compliments on the outfits though...everyone thought I was Madonna...Whatever! In all it was a good Halloween and we wish we could have shared it will all of you...but pictures will have to do!~ Can't wait to hear what everyone else did!