Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh the Joys of a New House!

Hello my friends! It feels like I haven't seen you all for so long! Well for some of you that is true! Oh where do I begin...The beginning of the move went GREAT the storage shed wasn't nearly as bad as we had expected...thank heavens and we had a really good friend help us load it in the uhaul and it only took 3 hrs...I imagined it taking days! The drive down went smooth, we drove half way on the 2oth and got to Redding on the 21st. Everyone was happy, no melt downs and the drive really flew by! My father drove the uhaul, Brian drove his truck and My mother, Chloe and I rode in my new car! :) No car problems or anything and the drive was BEAUTIFUL!!!

So we get here on the 21st and find out that...

1. There is no electric hooked up

2. The gas for the water heater is not hooked up

3. We have wet carpets, which they cleaned that morning

AHHHHH...I was totally freaking we call the utilitie companies and the electirc, water and sewer were turned on in a couple hours, wheew!

Then the gas company tells us they can't turn it on that day that they might get to it sat if not monday. GREAT NO HOT WATER. Which means no showers! Luckly my grandmother lives here so we can shower at her house. So sunday morning we wake up get a few things done, brian uses the restroom, flushes and the sewer backs up into the showers!! AHHHHHHH can I SCREAM! At this point I am in tears just had it, I have CRAP literally crap in my showers NO HOT WATER to clean them out and I am pissed!!!! So we call the rental company and they send out a Plumber who fixes the problem in less than an hour, we have a beautiful Oak tree in our frount yard and the roots had grown through the piping so he ground them out and said it should be good for 6 mos...but I still had crap in the showers and NO HOT WATER. So monday I go into the rental company in TEARS and plead my case and thank heavens they give me my rent back for September $600 which is half the months rent that I paid. And promise to fix everything! AHHHHH so Tuesday rolls a round and finally the gas gets turned on and the cleaning ladie comes and cleans my shower! HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH!!!

So, now that everything is working I am feeling much happier about the situation, the house is HUGE and I LOVE IT!! Chloe and Brian are both loving it. Having all of our nice things back makes me so greatful! On sunday when the sewer backed up I said I wish I had a Cockroach problem instead then it was fixed in an hour and I changed my mind! A few things had to go wrong becasue everything was going way too smooth! So I am so greatful for all that I have, and not being in my one bedroom apartment anymore!!! We have been so BLESSED and count our blessings every night!! 1,600 sq feet is a mansion compared to what we had! I LOVE THIS HOUSE! It is perfect for us and we are all enjoying it very much...Especailly Brian he went out and bought a new TV as you will see in the pics and he is in HEAVEN...even though I yelled at him for spending so much money...I have to say I love it to although I wouldn't admit that to enjoy the pictures and I hope you all come to visit soon! We LOVE YOU ALL and miss you so much!

This is the Family room...I LOVE my new couch it is Espresso leather in the frame and Beige Microfiber Cushions!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

Brians HUGE TV it is 55 inch LCD Sony! YEAH BABY!

This is the Island in the Kitchen and from the Kitchen you can see into both the Family room and the living room...its really open!

The Kitchen is HUGE! I can't believe I have such a big kitchen I can finally cook again!

This is the living room, bad picture but it has a fireplace on the left and is quite cozy I can't wait to sit there in the winter and read a book! YEAH!

Guest Bedroom...Queen bed...for all those of you who ARE comming to visit!

Main Bathroom...pretty big and really nice.

Chloe's room which is not finished at all yet...I am painting her bed black and roughing them up to look old and worn and I am using the red comforters to look rustic...It will come in good time! Her closet is so large that we made it into a play house. Her clothes are in the guest room. She has her kitchen and a beautiful table and bench that my grandfather made for me in there and it is darling she loves it!

So...for all of you who know that Black is my favorite color I found this BEAUTIFUL bedspread...I LOVE looks so nice in the masterbed room with the green walls I REALLY LOVE IT...this is a portion of how large the room is it was just too messy to show you all...maybe later when the clothes are hung and it is clean I'll post a new pic.

And here is the master bath...HUGE...we love it and the shower is great the head on it is tall and you don't have to scrouch down to wash your hair...EXCELLENT! And again we went with the balck and white theme to match the bedroom!

So this our house, hope you all are jelious by now...JUST KIDDING! I hope you all Love it so much that you want to come and visit! LOVE YOU SEE YOU ALL SOON!


Thursday, September 13, 2007


So...Since eveyone keeps Harasing me to do I Blog, I FINALLY DID IT! Thanks to Heather for showing me the loop holes of everything!
Well moving SUCKS! I hate it so much! Especially when you are moving over sea's! I hope this move to Redding will be the last move for a couple years! We'll see though. Also this move feels alot different than our last few moves. I have never in my life found such wonderful and truly inspiring friends so quickly in my life! I mean I make friends ok but nothing like I have experienced here in Hawaii. And today as we were driving along the north shore I began crying, thinking of all I am leaving behind. I really love my friends that I have made here and I am so sad to leave them behind. Even though I know this is the right thing for us to be doing I still am feeling very sad about the whole move. I just hope all my wonderful and special friends who read this know just how much your friendship has meant to me, truly it has been an amazing experience to have such great friends so quick. And I hope that we can continue our friendship for years to come!

On a really GREAT note I think that I found the car we are going to buy! YEAH it is a 2004 Subaru Outback and it is really nice. I get to look at it Saturday when we get to Washington and I am really excited. My mother say's it is beautiful so I can't wait! Here are a couple pictures!

So, other than moving and my new car I really don't have anything exciting to post but look back soon as we will be moving and I will post some pics of the new house, that we are so thrilled about getting into! Before I go I do want to post a few pics of the great new place we will be living that YOU ALL WILL BE VISITING! Right????

This First Picture is Of Whiskey Town Lake 7 miles from our house!!!

This is a little Creek up the road from Whiskey Town Lake!

And a BEAUTIFUL Butterfly that wanted her picture taken while we were on a walk!

See you all soon...IN REDDING, CALIFORNIA!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!