Sunday, January 20, 2008

Spokane Here we come!

So...we are moving back to Spokane like 2-3 weeks. We are all about the quick spir of the moment moves. I am 95% positive that we are getting health insurance there and Brian can finish up his last Pilot license there. So off we go! Chloe is most excied...just because she gets to be with my family...she loves my brothers and sisters...they are like siblings to her. Chloe says..."Grandma has a pool to swim in!" Yes that will be nice this summer. Plus I really really wanted my mom there when I deliver this baby so now she can forsure be there. We found a duplex that is ok...NOT NICE...which is hard going from our nice BIG house to a is 200 sq ft smaller than our house so...not too bad. We had to drop our monthly income $600 a mos to qualify for the insurance so...we had to down size and save money. So our duplex is $375 cheaper than our house so...that helps with the pay cut. Hard but it will do for Brian is gonna Roof under the table a little bit for his friend to make up a little of that money! So we'll make do!

I am soooooo incredibly sad to be leaving California though...our house, the weather, and my grandma. But we have to do what we have to do. And there is nothing here for us anymore. Especially since the teacher at the school QUIT...yeah up and QUIT so we cant finish school here.....AHHHHHHHH...

At least we are blessed and I have to keep reminding myself that. We have a baby on the way, Brian is almost done with school, We are all Healthy, we have a roof over our head, we have money to survive...and many people dont have any of that!

So....were off...Not sure if I will post for a while since I will be packing and STRESSING OUT! YEEEEHA!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow...snow...and more snow!

So most of you know that we totally were stuck in Spokane Washington, due to the weather...snow storms!!!!! Here are a few pics we took outside Bend Oregon. The snow was packed 4-7 ft in some areas! It was amazing!

Also yesterday was Chloe's first day of Ballet...and what can I say...she was CHLOE! She was the center of attention, loud and silly. Her poor teacher had to keep telling her...Chloe if we talk too loud no one can hear what I am saying! She just kept chuckling that Chloe was the center of attention! She did do very good, in between her silly moments. When we go to the car she said..."Thanks Mom that was so much fun!" So...she has a few things to work on but she did good and she really enjoyed it!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well as everyone know by now...we are having a boy! Baby Korbin Ellis Crenshaw. His middle name is Brian's Grandfathers middle name! We are using this for all he has done for our family. Made it possible for Brian to go to school DEBT FREE and paid our housing for the last 2 years almost! He was an amazing man and we though it would be nice to repay him a little! We are really excited and can hardly wait. We find out in 15 days if we qualify for a reduced state insurance in Washington. Please keep us in your prayers. If we end up qualifing then we will be moving back to Spokane till the baby is born. Brian can finish up his last license there and also go to the community college and get some buisness classes done so that he can open up his own helicopter pilot school! It wont be anytime REAL soon but that is our goal. So I am really hopeing that this insurance pans out!!!!

Christmas in Spokane was LOVELY with my family. The highlight of Christmas was when all the boys...My dad, Brian and my 3 brothers 19, 21, and 7 ALL got Nurf guns!!! Let just say darts were flying EVERYWHERE and us girls we the targets! It got pretty wild! They enjoyed playing and they chased eachother around the house for a good 3 hrs!!!!! BOYS WILL BE BOYS!!!!!We have really been having a good time!

We are still here though due to all the bad weather we have not been able to leave..since we drove! There has been the biggest storm in Northern California bigger than any in the last 10-20 years my grandma said. Even cars with chains can not get through. So until it clears up...we are STUCK IN WASHINGTON. It has been nice but we also have been here for 24 days now and are really ready to get home. My Grandma went and checked on our house and said that we had lost power and it is back on and that our fence had blown over...there has been 80 mile and hr winds the last 3 days. Luckly we are renting and wont have to pay for the fence!!!!!

Chloe is really enjoying the snow and has had a good time playing with my siblings in it!

This last picture is my FAVORITE! She is such a sweet heart and I am soooo thankful that she is part of our family! We really have had a good holiday season!
I hope everyone is well and happy!!! We miss you all!