Sunday, January 25, 2009


So this month has again been crazy hence the lack of posts and yet another lengthy post!!!

So the kitchen! Everyone keeps asking to see pics of the kitchen and the progress! It is almost done. It should be done by next weekend! All we have left to do is install the dishwasher, stove and the tile back splash and the doors on the cabnets. Here are the pictures sorry they are from my phone! Enjoy!!!

So here is what it looked like once we tore the wall out. You can see on the right side where the door to the room used to be

This is with the base cabnets installed and the light fixtures in!

Where the door used to be is now the fridge and kitchen pantry

So the Upper cabnets are in...the fride, the tile on the floor the microwave, the grantie counter tops and dishwasher is in place just not hooked up yet! It is moving along and we are sooooooo excited to get it done!

KORBIN IS 8 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baby is 8 months old! I can hardly believe how fast time flies!!! I HATE IT!!!! He is getting so BIG! He has been sitting up for 2 months now! He has been crawling (well scooting like a fish) for a month. He says "Daddah" and know who that is! We are still working on Momma but it isnt working! He is eating so much! And growing so much! He LOVES FOOD! Especially Prunes. That is his favorite thing to eat it is soooo funny! He is soooo happy and smile a lot. Never really crys and is just a joy to our family! He loves to stand on your lap and jump he is a mover! I am going to have my hands full when he starts walking. He is 32 inches and 19 pounds! He is loosing alot of his baby fat and thinning out very fast! He still has his mommas chubby cheeks though and they will never go away! Sorry Babe!

He makes so many funny faces, which I cant capture in a picture! He raises his eyebrows alot and wiggles them, it is quite funny! He also gets that from me! He has 4 teeth and two more 0n their way in! OUCH!

He is loving feet lately! YUCK! I HATE THEM! They totally gross me out! But he loves his, mine, Brian's and Chloes...anyones especially girls with toe nail polish on! It is really funny!We love you!!!!


So last week I spent three days and over 30 hrs making my daughter doll food! YES you read it right DOLL FOOD! I made it out of Sculpy Clay and baked them and glazed them! It was so hard but sooooooo much fun! I made it because they dont make small doll food for her size doll that is fun to play with! So here are the pictures of my work! It took forever but sooooo rewarding! Chloe loves it so much and plays with it everyday! So pretty much I am the best mom! HAHAHA yeah in my dreams! At least I did do something to show her just how much I love her (30hrs)!!!!

Cupcake and Oreos and Candies!


Pretzels! My Favorite!




Fruit, fruit and more fruit! I did so many more just too many pics to post!!!! I did a Hamberger nand Fries, Turkey sandwich, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy with Chicken wings, corn, baked potato, green beans, chopped carrots, cakes and pies and much more! It was fun and well worth it and it only cost me $32 and The food I bought from the actual American Girl Doll site was 5 things of food for $25....I did 52 peices for $32!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I GOT A SPEEDING TICKET!!!! STUPID COP was soooooo rude. The same one gave me a ticket about...3 years ago before we moved to Hawaii. So he pulls me over, I hand him my license(Still Hawaii, Oops havent changed it yet) He goes and runs it and stuff...he comes back and says do you know how fast you were going... yes 45 in a 35. Well your lucky I feel like being nice. I could write you a felony ticket right now for not havng a washington license. You have 10 days after moving to switch it. It is a felony and up to a year in prison! WHAT THE HECK??????? So what you want me to kiss your feet dont threaten me with something you arent going to do. Give me my damn ticket and be gone! OOOOOOH I hate it when they talk down to you like you are stupid and they are doing you a favor!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he says Do you know that there are deer on this road??? UM YEAH I LIVE ON THIS ROAD????? Then he says wouldnt you rather hit a deer going 35 instead of 45....NO I WOULD RATHER NOT HIT ONE AT ALL!!!!! Uh I cant stand them!!!!!! $125 later BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Thats it for now!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well I know I haven't done a post in weeks and this one is going to be VERY VERY LONG! I have so much to talk about so here we go!!!!!!!

So...since we have moved in with my parent to RE-SAVE money for a house(lost in stock drop) we decided that we needed our own kitchen in the basement so we tore out the old craft room and are putting in a brand new kitchen so many of days and nights we have been working on that and it is slowly comming around. But we are doing it all ourselves so it is taking FOREVER hopefully it will be done in a couple weeks!
Chloe's Kindergarten Christmas Performance!

So first is Chloe's school Performance. She was so excited for us to go. She had been practicing and practicing for weeks. She even knew Feliz Navidad by heart and couldn't wait to show us how good she was gonna do. She even had a special part as a Angel in one of the songs. She was excited to wear her new Christmas dress and look "Pretty"! She wanted her hair curled and she wanted my sparkly lip gloss on. She is so funny! She sang so well and knew almost all the songs (not many kids did) we were really proud of her!!! She is just loving Kindergarten and is doing so well!

Brian's Baptisim!

So, I think that the most exciting thing to happen in December was Brian getting Baptized! It was so amazing and such a wonderful moment for him and our family! It was so spiritual and felt so right. We have all waited long and hard for the right moment when Brian chose it for himself and not for us! I have never seen him more happy than on that day. My dad was the one who Baptised him. My brother Caden also was Baptized that same day with Brian and it is a special bond that they will always share! My brother gave the first talk and was so emotional through the whole thing and touched us all with what he had to say. The feeling in the room was so STRONG and PEACEFUL stronger than I have ever felt in my life! My grandmother gave the second talk and a few minutes into it she stopped and looked directly at my family and said " I feel very impressed to tell you that Grandpa is here with us right now (he is deceased) and he is also with some angels and they are rejoycing for you Brian and Caden." And she continued to finish her talk. And when my father was confirming Brian he also said " Brian there are multitudes of Angels here singing and rejoycing for you this day." It was a beautiful meeting and not ONE person had a dry eye! We sang Because I have been givin much for the opening hymn(MY FAVORITE) and then Chloe, and my sisters sang If the Savior stood Beside me and we sang I am a Child of God for the closing. It was just an awesome and wonderful experience. The Elders who taught Brian were so kind and knew just what to say to him. I know that they were sent here at this time to teach Brian. They are what he needed!!! After the Baptism, my Grandma (who spoke) came up to Brian and I at home and asked Brian if he had any family members that were members of the church. And he said "Yes, my mothers parents were" and she said "Thats what I though .They were there with us today, with my husband!" Both Brian and I were crying because they would be there to celebrate with Brian, it was so very special!!!!!!
SNOW SNOW AND MORE SNOW...does it end???????
So on December 19 we had the BIGGEST snow storm that Spokane has seen since they began recording in the early 1900's!!! We got over 3 feet in 3 days...and the snow keeps falling!!!! Some has melted but it is still around 3 feet! We were totally snowed in and the kids were loving it, they got to start Christmas Break 3 days early! WAHOO!!!!

So this picture was taken after the first day we had a foot and a half in one night!!!!!
My sister Janae and Chloe on the porch!
My siblings:Caden, Janae, Megan, Chloe, Erin and Dakota the dog from HELL!!!!(As you can tell from the look on Chloes face she wasnt excited to take the pic with the dog...she hates her!)


This year for Christmas we drove down to Utah! BIG MISTAKE! The roads were HORRIBLE!!!! Luckily we got there safe and sound. We counted a total of 10 cars crashed on the way down and 8 on the way home! 18 TOTAL! We were so lucky we got there safe!

We had a wonderful Christmas! We went and spent Christmas with Brians family and had such a good time! We love going down and visiting them! We didnt do very much while we were there so it was relaxing and just a really good time! We had such a fun Christmas morning! Well we started out with our tradition of opening up our Jammies Christmas eve. So we all put them on and went to bed! (After Lugging all the presents upstairs to place in the living room...I swear it took 20 or more trips! A little OVERBOARD! But much Appreciated! :) Thank you Jan!!!!) Chloe and Korbin had matching Jammies and were so cute!!!!!!! Chloe was really excited to have matching jammies! She kept telling Korbin..."Bubba we have matching jammies, you like them??? You like them???" It was so precious!!!!!We made Chloe wait before going into the Living room till we were all up and had the video camera rolling! I would post the video but it takes too long! Lets just say she squeeled when she saw all the presents and was so anxious to get unwrapping!!!! She had to start with her American Girl Doll first since she was getting alot of Acessories for her doll from Grandma!!! She was so excited, that is ALL she wanted for Christmas was her American girl doll and she was so happy she got it! Grandma and Grandpa SPOILED her this year and got her so many fun clubs, a barbie house, TONS of American Girl doll stuff (clothes, bed, side table, table and chairs) a beautiful Lady bug tea set, books, and tons more I cant even remember! Thanks Jan and Frank!!! She has just had so much fun playing with everything...mostly the American Girl doll Chloe and my sister Megan have played with it everyday since we have been home, she also has one named Nellie so they have been in HEAVEN!!!!Korbin was really in to ripping the paper! It was quite funny! He didnt even care what the present was he just wanted the paper and the bows! He played with the bows days after Christmas it was so funny! He was so cute, he just sat on the floor and played with the paper between presents! He had more fun watching everyone than he did doing anything!

We all got SPOILED for Christmas and got way way too many things to list! Thank you Jan for making this a wonderful Christmas! LOVE YOU!

We had a LOVELY Christmas dinner with Brian parents and his brother and his wife Veronica and our step-nephew Angel! We had Ham and potato casserol, and green bean cassorole, green jello and Strawberry Ice Cream Float! It was so nice to spend time with them all...then we broke out our Wii to play some bowling! The Wii is so fun, and it is so fun to play with the whole family! I am so glad that we got one! We all had a good time playing it! Time flew by way too fast and we NEVER get enough time with them but it was a wonderful trip and we are so happy we got to go and spend time with them!

In all December flew by WAY WAY TOO FAST!!!!!