Monday, October 29, 2007


So today we FINALLY got around to painting our pumpkins...a little late ya think! Yeah I know...this whole Pregnancy thing is KICKING my butt! I really do HATE being pregnant...I just know the outcome is worth it! But why does it have to be so difficult for me??? WHY??? No one else I know gets a sick as me except my mom...WHY??? I told my mom BAD BAD Genes!!! Ahhhh I hate being sick...I feel like I can't accomplish anything! I just wanna lay down and do nothing but gag! Anyways...

SO...back to the Pumpkins...We had soooo much fun! Instead of carving them as we usually do...WHICH I HATE...because stuff gets everywhere and it takes soooooo LONG...we painted...and we all LOVED IT! It only took us about 40 mins and we were totally finished! Chloe had so much fun she couldn't you will see in her picture of her's! And I really enjoyed myself...I really have found out the last few months that I really am ARTISTIC. So I painted a Pirate and Brian did Dracula and Chloe did...well a Princess she says! Chloe is getting so excited for Halloween she can't wait...she know's it's only in 2 days so she has been talking about it non stop! Anyways...enjoy the pics of the Pumpkins! I know we did!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

California Coast

So last weekend we decided to head to the California coast since it is only 3 1/2 hrs away. So we took of and headed to the coast. We drove through the Trinity Mountains and it was GORGIOUS! The colors were sooooo beautiful. The trees were all changing and it was lovely. Everytime Chloe saw a tree with yellow leaves she would say..."Another Spicy Mustard Tree!" For all of you, Chloe LOVES Mustard...I mean LOVES Mustard. She eats it with everything and she doesn't use ketchup. She puts it on fries, eggs, toast, sandwiches, chips, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, when she is through eating and there is mustard left she dips her fingers in it and even licks it off her plate...CRAZY! Yeah so she calls it spicy mustard...I don't think she knows the differnce between spicy and tangy yet....anyways it was really cute of her. So we drove to Eureka first and realized that you didn't get a good view of the ocean from there so we drove to Trinidad and it was SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL and it was overcast and really just BEAUTIFUL! I love the ocean when its overcast! So here are a few picture of our little adventure!
So, besides our little Vacation we haven't been up to too much. Next weekend we are going to go to Grass Valley where I lived for 7 years. I am very excited and can't wait for our next little trip! All is well other than morning sickness...and we are all very happy and healthy and loving our new city!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


So in order to not get FAT while I am pregnant we have decided to take up riding our Mountain bikes again. So we have been riding anywhere from 6-10 miles a day. I LOVE IT, I forgot how much I really enjoy riding bikes. And the weather and scenery are PERFECT! The Sacramento River runs right through Redding so it has a paved trail that run almost 40 miles up the river. It is Great! We bought a wagon to pull Chloe in that hooks on to the back of Brians bike and it is really lovely! She enjoys it so much...she gets to watch the river and go REALLY fast! She is so funny. So here are some pics from our last bike ride. Our friend Shaylan is in a few, he is from the Big Island and flys helicopters too and is now working with Brian. He is a great guy and we are lucky to have 1 friend!

So other than working out I have finally almost finished my two projects...painting my hutch, table and dresser...and dont worry I did it outside where it was well ventilated! I LOVE how they turned out I am really quite happy~! I just have to put the black molding around the top of the hutch and they are done...all of them have different knobs on them, I think it looks funky and I LOVE IT! The hutch has all brass knobs and the dresser has all different knobs...I saw it in Pottery Barn and just loved it so I had to do it myself. And the table I didn't take a picture of but it is Real Oak and I painted the bottom Black and left the top Oak and I roughed it up as well as the hutch and dresser so it looks rustic...It was a fun project! NEXT...Chloe's bed is also being painted black to match the new baby crib...they have maroon bedding and it looks very Country rustic...I LOVE THEM.

Other than my projects and trying not to get fat I really haven't been up to too much. Just enjoying Redding and our little house. Just planning for Thanksgiving with Brian's parents. That will be fun! Chloe is excited. She can't wait for " her next grandma and grandpa to come and visit our new house." Since my parents were just here helping us move Brians parents are the next grandma and grandpa...she is so funny!

Well we are OFFICIALLY missing Hawaii. The other day when we lit a fire we thought, WE MISS HAWAII but actually I don't really miss Hawaii so much as the people. I MISS you all so much. It is so hard moving somewhere new when you have made so many GREAT FRIENDS! I do miss the Scenery of Hawaii...sitting on the beach, looking at the palm trees or driving the east coast to Haliewa! I DONT miss the traffic or all the people everywhere though. But when I am feeling sad and missing Hawaii I just look in my back yard at my palm tree!!! HAHAHA not quite the same but a little bit! :)

So I still havent found Chloe a Pre-school and I am feeling sooooo HORRIBLE. I told her once we got here we would get her in school and it has been like, 3 weeks already and NO SCHOOL. It is so expensive, all the schools I have called on have been $120-$150 a month 2 days a week for 2 hrs. That seems like alot of money but I guess it is cheaper than daycare! Ahhhh I hope I can find one this week. I also found her a ballet school I just need to find out how much money we are going to have at the end of the month since we now have to pay water, sewer, garbage, electric, gas and $200 more a month in we'll see I'd like to get her in both if we can!

So...there is my life story for the last few weeks. Oh and the morning sickness HAS BEGUN! It still isn't quite as bad as with Chloe but I still think that that is comming! AHHHHHH And hopefully I will be getting into the OBGYN here in a week or so to find out my official due date...although when I have calculated it online a few places they all gave me May we'll see. It is crazy how many of us are having kids right now...Margaret had Wes, Heather had Kalia, Mel is ready to pop anyday now, Becca is Prego, Heather Brady is Prego and so am I!!! WOW perfect timming girls! HAHAHA Miss you all and Love you so much!!!

Au revoir for now!

Monday, October 1, 2007


I LOVE Chloe! She really is such a sweet heart. She loves her new house and is really adjusting well. She is playing so well by herself and trying really hard not to annoy Brian and I. Yesterday I wanted to take some pictures of her, so we went outside and began snappin away. She was usual and just being cute Chloe and she says "Am I doing good Mom, do I look good?" I couldn't help but laugh and tell her that she was Beautiful and she was doing great! She is just so precious and I am SO GRATEFUL to have her as a daugher! Through all these rouff last few months I realized she really is a sweetheart and has the best intensions and does try, life in Hawaii was just difficult. The small living space and the hot sun were hard on her, but CALIFORNIA IS LOOKIN GREAT. So here are the pictures I took of Chloe yesterday ENJOY!