Monday, June 22, 2009

May and June! IMAGINE THAT!!!!

I can't believe I haven't posted since APRIL!!!! What the HECK!!!!! My life has been so incredibly crazy! Where does my time go?????? Well it is time to play catch up! This is gooing to be ANOTHER REALLY REALLY LONG POST! You ready? Here we go:

Here are just some cute pics I took of the Kido's early in May when we had some good weather!


Ok where do I begin....So I had my IUD taken out in May and had been hemorrhaging ever since. They had no idea why . I had been on 2 meds to stop the bleeding. NO LUCK. They did 2 ultra sounds and found a large mass in my uterus so they said I needed a D and C or dilation and curettage, when they scrape the lining of your uterus. He sent me home with pills to soften my cervix and told me take some Lortab 500’s. Usually they take you to a hospital and put you to sleep. Well since I didn’t have insurance I couldn’t do that, they said it would have been $5,000-$8,000. Yeah like I can afford that! So the doctor said he could perform it IN OFFICE and just numb my Cervix. He hadn’t done one since school but felt confidant that he had done them enough that it would be ok! He asked my pain tolerance and my mom piped up “NOT GOOD AT ALL!” He said it would probably be painful but if I couldn’t handle it he would stop. So we scheduled it and did it two days later. I went in all LOOPY on my Lortab pills and light headed from all the loss of blood and he began the procedure. He numbed my cervix with a large needle and then asked if I could feel anything and I lightly could and I told him to begin. So he began and I could feel what he was doing just a dulled version. I could see my stomach moving. It actually made my mom sick and she NEVER gets sick at that kind of stuff. Then the numbing began to wear off and I was like “OK HURRY UP!” It took him only 30 sec of me being in A LOT of pain and he was done! I DID IT!!!!!! My mom was so funny! She was like “I WILL NEVER CALL YOU A WUSS AGAIN!” That’s right I am STRONG! I am really surprised at how well I did! I ROCK! Hopefully I don’t have to do that again though!

Kelly Pickler and Taylor Swift!

I went to the Kelly Pickler and Taylor Swift Concert! I went with my mom and my sisters Erin and Janae! IT WAS SO FUN!!! We went to the Onion for dinner first! Then went over to the concert! There was an opening band, but they weren’t very good! But Kelly and Taylor were awesome! WE ALL LOVED THE CONCERT! Although it was the LONGEST concert I have ever been to! Towards the end I was just ready for it to be over. They just kept singing and singing! But it was a good concert and I got some pretty good pictures! Good Sisterly, Motherly Bonding Time!


Korbin’s first birthday! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by! He is already 1 year old!!!!! It seems like yesterday I was just having him! He is such a big boy 25 pounds and 31 inches tall! He is walking all over the place! He has been walking since he was 11 months old. One day he just decided he wanted to walk and took off!!!!!

For his party we had a BBQ swimming party. Sports theme. We had so much fun! We had lots of friends and family show up. The kids swam their hearts out and we had tons of hot dogs, chips, watermelon, pineapple, cake and ice cream.
Korbin didn’t really care for his cake. We had a person LARGE cupcake made for him with a football, basketball and baseball on it! He ate the frosting and that was about it. I think he was full he had a lot for lunch. The rest of us ate a raspberry cream cheese cake from Costco with a basketball on it with the number 33! The Davis family sports number! We had a good time!

We got him a lawn mower that blows bubbles some little toys with cars. He got a build a bear dog named Bingo! (From Grandma and Grandpa Davis) Some Balls and sand toys (Thanks Wrights) Some Hot Wheels (From Grandma and Grandpa Crenshaw) And some money ( Thanks Debenham's!)Then he took a long 4 hour nap. We must have wore him out!

He is also jabbering so much these days. He is ALWAYS talking saying something! He is a good sleeper and sleeps through the night! He has the cutest personality! He has 8 teeth still! He hasn’t gotten a new one for months! He is eating solid food, and has been off the bottle since the beginning of May! HE LOVES WATER! It is so funny, Chloe never liked water till she was 3 yrs old! His favorite foods are:
Bananas and Blueberries are his FAVOIRTE!
Mac and Cheese
Raviolis and pasta
Green Beans
And the list goes on!!!! He eats just about EVERYTHING! He is a good eater! As you can tell by his hefty size! He is so cute!
He LOVES cuddling especially with Momma! He loves mirror and looking at himself! He loves playing with his balls. He rolls and throws them…looks like we have a sports star on our hands! He still LOVES his Pacifier/ Foofoo/ Beenkey, who knows when we will be able to take that away! He points to whatever he wants!
His Favorite words are:
Dat (That)
No No
Goo (actually means Boo)
Ma ( For Grandma)
Nae Nae (For Janae my Sister)

We love having Korbin in our family! He has been such a fun addition! He is full of joy and happiness! He has the prettiest blue eyes and a smile that will kill ya! I cant wait to see what the next year brings us!

Brian and I went and did Baptism’s at the Spokane Temple with the youth! That was such an amazing experience. It was Brian’s first time going! He was so nervous and didn’t know what to expect. But he was really really excited. My mom and my sisters (15&17) were also there with us. The spirit was so strong there. Especially for me. As I went and got Confirmed for some of my names I could feel the spirit so strong. I glanced at the cards before I went in and noticed that most of my ladies were born in the late 1800’s. They had been waiting soooooo many years for this. It felt as if they were in the room with us. I had this anxious feeling like that was how they were feeling. Like come on already I have been waiting forever. It was such a good experience for me. It was also so awesome to watch Brian get to experience this wonderful thing that we do! The feeling of peace and joy is indescribable! It made us both even more excited to go to the temple together in December to get sealed! We cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! It cant come soon enough!


My birthday!
I am 26!!! I can’t believe that I am 26? Where has the time gone? I know I am still
Young but I just cant believe how fast time has flown by. So for my birthday we went to the White House in Post Falls ID for dinner! The BEST GREK Restaurant! I had the Salmon with lemon butter, capers, sun dried tomatoes and garlic over rice with garlic green beans! We had Hummus with pita bread and their French bread with balsamic, olive oil and garlic! SOOOOO GOOD!!!! It was me and some of my close friendds! We had so much fun!!!! Thanks Girls it was a blast, we need to do it again soon!!!!! Then for dinner we went out to PF CHANGS and had a good dinner! I got my brand new camera! A Canon EOS and it is AMAZING! I have been wanting one for like 3 years! It is so nice and takes such great pictures I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I had a great birthday!


Chloe has a class field trip! We went to Brown park down the street from their school. They kids had so much fun. They all wore their Tye die shirts that they had made the week before. They all looked so cute. They played on the jungle gym and played kick ball and had a homemade Chex mix with all the stuff the kids had brought. M&M, Cheerios, fishy crackers, raisins, all kinds of cereal, marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate chips, and more. They loved it! They all had a good time. It was fun for Brian and I to go with them and see the class having so much fun together!
Eve, Riley, Chloe, Tess and Sophia! Best Girl Friends!

Chloe and Best Friend Tessa!

Chloe and Kiley (Chloe's good friend Austin's little sister!)


My baby is NO LONGER in Kindergarten! I cant believe how fast this first year of school has FLOWN by! She is in 1st grade next year! She LOVE LOVED Kindergarten. She loved her teacher Mrs. Karen Helma and the aid Kristy. They did so well with those kids this year. Chloe learned so much and had a great time doing it! She did so many fun projects!! Chloe loved going to school! It was the highlight of her life!!!! Karen made all the kids these cute year books with all the fun things they did all year in them, with pictures and all. She did an AMAZING Slide show for all the kids to have copies of. She is just an AMAZING TEACHER! Any child is so lucky to have her as their teacher. Chloe was so excited to give Karen her present. We were at TJ MAXX two days earlier an there was this wooden sign with a material star glued on that said “ You are my Super Star.” Chloe asked mom what does that say. I told her and she said “Oh, Mrs. Helma needs to have that!” It was soooo cute. So we bought that and a coffee mug with some cute teacher saying on it! Karen loved it! She cant wait to go to 1st grade. She will have my moms best friend Lori Kenworthy as her teacher and it will be another great year! She is already ready to go back o school. Every morning she asks “ Has it been 3 months yet?” Nope only 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe and Mrs. Karen Helma
Chloe and Kristi

Well that was May and most of June...the rest will have to come tomorrow since this took me about 2 hours! Tata for Now!