Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fire Station 7

So today Chloe had a feild trip to the Fire Station 7 here in Spokane. What an exciting trip. Chloe was really excited to go and see the fire truck and what they do. Especially since Brian used to fight fires...Wild Land, not city but kinda the same. And Brian

wanted to go really bad too so...we both went!

This is Chloes buddy Blaze. They are really good friends. Everyday after school we always hear about him!

This Chloe's teacher...Teacher Barbara and a few of the students. We split up into two groups since we have so many kids.

All the students were really excited when they found out that they got to sit in the drivers seat of the truck!Here is another of Chloe and Blaze...Chloe couldnt keep her hands off him...it is too funny!

Here is a picture of her whole class! They were so good and well behaved, I was really proud of them! Suprisingly Chloe was quite and listened really well, which as most of you know is really hard for her! It was fun to go with her and see her interact with the other students! Next...Kindergarten!

Easter Egg Hunt!

So this year we had an easter egg hunt at my parents house. We had 4 other families come along for the fun. We had 248 eggs some with candy some with money and some well....empty..hehehe! The kids had so much fun. We did two rounds, one with kids 8 and younger and one with the 8 and up. Chloe didn't quite know what to do with herself. She was really excited. Her best friend Tessa was there and they were glued at the hip. Chloe found 18 eggs in 5 mins...she got quite a few with candy and $8.00 and NO empty ones...she was too smart for that...she picked up a few empty ones...shook em and them threw them back down...my kind of gir...looking for the money ones! She also found the golden egg which is hidden the hardest (By Grandpa...the engineer...who thinks they need to work for the $) and it had $3 in it for the little ones and $5 for the older ones. Kids running around the back yard!

As you see in this photo my father is on the left and he is hiding the golden egg for the older kids INSIDE the old bee trap!!!! Yeah you have to take off the bottom and reach in to the filled jar of DEAD BEES! Real nice huh? Yeah he is creative alright! He also put some in the pool on boogie boards so they were floating and the kids had to use the broom to fetch them out! He thinks he is funny! Ok maybe he is!
So after a while Chloe, Tessa and Ella got bored hunting eggs and decided to go and jump on the trampoline, they thought that was much more fun!
Easter morning was slow as usual. With most of us being adults we dont care to open baskets or get up early so we slowly roll out of bed. We stayed the night at my parents house and my siblings woke up at 6 am and we running around upstairs....luckily Chloe slept till 7:30 she doesnt see the point in waking up early yet either! Thank HEAVENS! My father opted out of being there to open baskets this year...he was too tired and figured what was one missed year...PARTY POOPER! So we let him sleep while the kids excitedy opened their baskets. The are obssessed with these new Webkinz...have you heard of them? If not they are these stuffed animals that have a tag with an internet access number to this Webkinz website where you can play games based on the animal you have etc...pretty lame for $13 if you ask me but since my mom was getting my siblings one I knew Chloe would be sad if she didnt get one...so I gave in and got her the stupid Koala bear Webkinz...she loves it though and they have played with them everyday since they got them! In all, another good easter...and very nice to be able to spend it with my family!

Monday, March 17, 2008

AARR Matey!

So Chloes 5 birthday was on Saturday! I can't hardly believe that my little girl is 5!!! Time flys soooo fast. She decided she wanted a Pirate Party. It was incrediby fun. We had 10 little kids there and everyone had a GREAT time! We did a Tresure Hunt, a version of pin the tail on the donkey, a Plank for the kids to walk and we decorated Pirate Hats. Chloe wanted everyone to dress up as Pirates so we did and it was a fun costume party!!!! Here are a few pics from her party! Enjoy!

Chloe doing the pin the red X on the X on the map.

L to R: Clara, Tessa, Taylor, Chloe, Avery, Bryson and Lilly. Waiting for the other kids to finish walking the plank!

Tessa, Chloe and Avery.

The kids doing the Tresure Hunt!

Chloes cake!

Singing Happy Birthday to Clo!

The party was a blast and she really had fun. All the kids loved dressing up as Pirates and it was fun, fun, fun! Chloe just kept telling me how much fun she had and thank you for doing this for her! She is so sweet and I just love her so much. She is such a sweet heart and I feel so lucky to have her for a daughter. I appreciate everyday the chance to raise her and be a mommy to her! I LOVE YOU CHLOE!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kindergarten here Chloe comes!

So...Registration for Kindergarten for Chloe is tomorrow! Yeah! Only she isnt current on here immunization! So what did we get to do today???? Go to the Health Department and get shots today! 4 to be EXACT! OH what a joy that was...I have been preparing Chloe since I found out Monday...But this morning when we discussed it for the last time before we went she started crying and I said

"Chloe that is enough, if you want to go to Kindergarten then buck up and get the shots."

She said " I dont care if I go to Kindergarten I'll stay at my New school (pre-school)"

"Chloe, you can't stay in pre school forever. You have to go to Kindergarten like a big girl!"

"No I don't want the stupid shots."

"I don't care you are getting the shots so you can go to school. Choe everyone has to get these shot to stay healthy."

"I am already healthy."

"Chloe get your shoes on and get in the car we are going to get your shots."


So we get there and she is doing ok...then the nurse pulls out the needles and lays them on the table and Choe starts freeking out.

"I hate needles...I hate needles...I dont want the stupid shots."

"Chloe you can hate the stupid shots all you want but you are getting them."

The nurse says "Honey its ok to hate the shots. No one likes getting them but you have to, OK? Now dad (Yeah Brian had to go cuz I cant hold her down due to the belly) hold her on your lap and hold down her arms and put her legs inbetween yours."

Chloe just started FREAKING..."Dont hold me...let go of me"

The nurse says" Ok are you ready"


"Well too bad...and off she went to poke Clo with the 4 shots."

Chloe was screaming so loud I could hardly believe it. I have NEVER ever heard a child scream that loud. It was incredibly tramatic. I hope all of you dont have as much problems as we had. The funniest part was she cried for probay 5 mins after, while I was paying etc. We had told her before we got there that if she got the shots we could go to Target and she could pick out a any toy she wanted. She as we are leaving Brian says

"Chloe I am proud of you, you did such a good job and got your shots."

"No I didnt I freaked out and cried really hard."

We just busted up laughing...and I said "Ok you didnt do a good job, you were naughty and screamed but I am proud of you for getting the shots."

"Mom do I still get a toy?"

Ofcourse she got a toy...she deserved it...but I am dreading doing this again with Korbin...hopefully he wont be as big a baby as Chloe. She got a Hannah Montana barbie and has been playing with it all day!

Oh the joys of Children and Kindergarten! She is really excited about Kindergarten and we are excited for her to go! It is hard to belive that my baby is going to Kindergarten but she is! Life sure flys by!