Friday, August 7, 2009


Well this time I didn't wait 2 months to post...only 6 weeks!
So my brothers were in town and my mom wanted some family pictures so we took my new camera and had some friends take some pictures for us! Here they are!~

Whole Family!SiblingsME! 26Brice 22
Seth 20Janae 18Erin 15Megan 10Caden 8Grandma and Grandpa with the Grandbabies!Sibling LOVE!Mom and DadMe and My MomCrenshaw's
Me and My Man!

Korbin and his Lawn Mower!

So my son is OBSESSED with the Lawn Mower, he thinks he OWNS it and it is his toy!!!!!! It is sooooo funny! Whenever he see it he goes and climbs up on it and begins to play! He will play for 30mins to and hr! He loves that thing! I have to say it may be a tad dangerous but if you try to take him off before he is done...oh boy, an all out TANTRUM kicks in! There are worse things he could play with right?????

I LOVE this last picture of my two Boys! I think it is sooooo dang cute! My favorite picture of the week!