Thursday, July 3, 2008

20 Years ago...

So once again I was tagged by Mel....Thanks Mel...don't any of your other friends like to be tagged????? J/K I LOVE YOU MEL!

20 Years ago...

1. I was 5
2. I had just started Kindergarten in Mrs. Wongsongs class
3. I was living in Chico California

10 Years ago...

1. I was 15 years old.
2. Was trying to get my Drivers Permitt

5 Years ago...

1. I was 20 years old.
2. I had been married to Brian for 7 mos
3. I had just had Chloe, she was 4 mos old

3 Years ago...

1. I was 22 years old
2. Working at the YMCA and HATING it!
3. Living with my parents trying to save money to buy a house

1 Year ago...

1. I was living in Hawaii and LOVING almost every minute of it
2. Getting ready to leave some of the BEST FRIENDS I have ever made...Mel, Both Heather B's and Margaret!!!! I LOVE YOU GIRLS!
3. Amazed by how far my testimony grew in Hawaii

So far this year I...

1. Have had another baby...Korbin Ellis
2. Moved yet again...California back to Spokane!
3. Grew closer to my Grandma while in California

Yesterday I...

1. Ate like a COW...3 ice cream sandwiches and Fetticinni Alfredo...yeah my diet starts in 2 weeks once my hernia is completly healed! Gotta binge till them!
2. Went swimming in my moms pool
3. Stayed the night at my moms again...4th night in a row...(Tell me why I have a duplex again)

Today I...

1. Got totally frustrated at Korbin for wanting to eat every 1 1/2 he is a dang PIG and by the way already weighs 10 pounds...I HATE BEING A MILKING COW!!!!
2. Went swimming again...yeah still at my moms (We pretty much LIVE here with the pool and the AC)
3. Cleaned for our 4th of July party tomorrow

Tomorrow I...

1. Will go to the fireworks in Liberty Lake and enjoy myself!
2. Will try not to eat everything in sight at the party
3. Be patient with my little ones

In the next year I...

1. Become a better more patient mother
2. Strengthen my testimony
3. Brian will finally finish school and we can decide where we are going to live! And buy a house!!!!

I TAG: Amy Barlow, Heather Bigler, Heather Brady