Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chloe's Birthday Party!

So this year we decided to do a TEA PARTY!!!!! We had 8 girls over and had a good time! They all dresses up in Party dresses and we had a PARTY!!!! The table looked so cute!!! I had Balloons, name tags, flowers, curled ribbon, tea cups and doilies! It was so much fun and the girls had a great time! We ate mini grilled cheese and Pb+j, Pretzels and fishes, cream puffs and brownies, water and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows!!! We played games and opened presents and had cake and ice cream!

Chloe and Tessa

Chloe and Ella

Chloe and Kinsley

Chloe and Lilli

Chloe and Claira

Chloe and Sophia

Chloe and Hailey

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Happy Birthday Sweet Chloe!!!!!!!

It is AMAZING to me how much someone can grown and change over 6 years!!!! Chloe has gone from 5 pounds 11oz to 45 pounds!!! She has gone from Auburn hair to bleach blond! Gone from toothless to a pearly set of choppers. From 18 inches to almost 4 feet. From no talking to talking non stop!!!! All in 6 years!!!! And it has been the best 6 years ever~! Here are some pictures of the Birthday Girl over the years!!!!!

Chloe was one of the most unexpected things to happen to me! But the BEST JOY ever! She lights my life up in a way no one else can!!!! She is so smart, funny and so kind. She has the best sense of humor and the best smile! She can make anyone smile when she shines those teeth of hers...she has a contagious smile!!!! She lights my world! I don't even know how I could survive a day without her! She says the funniest things that make me laugh. She knows just what to say to cheer me up when I am having a bad day. She helps me around the house when asked. She sweeps and vacumes and is simply a joy to have. She is also incredibly sassy and mouthy, but I wouldn't have it any other way...if she wasn't then she wouldn't be MY child!!!!! As your mother always says "What goes around, comes around"!!!!!! We are so glad to have her in our family! She is such a wonderful addition to the Crenshaw Clan!!! I can't wait to watch her continue to learn and grow...although I wish time would go slower so it could last longer!
Things Chloe Loves right now:
Nintendo DS
American Doll Girl
Her BAZILLION Build a bear stuff animals
Playing in the snow
Going to dinner and movies with mom and dad
Happy Birthday CLO BUGS!!!!!

St Patty's!!!

So for St Patty's this year we had a really fun day!!! Chloe got all dresses up for school. She even wanted Korbin to match her, dresses in Green because "That's what you do on Leprechaun Day!" As she stated! She had a class party with Leprechaun's and gold coins. She was so excited! Later that evening we had the Elders over for a Green Meal...Which I am so mad I didn't get a picture!!!! I know the Elders did I will try to get a pic from them and post it later! But we had Green Fetticini Alfredo, Green Beans, Green Salad, Limeaide, Mint chip ice cream and Molasses Cookies with Green frosting! I havent had a Green Meal on St Pattys day in forever. I want to make it a family tradition from now on it was a blast!!! Then I had YW and we made blankets for some Ladies in our ward that had just had babies and ate some Irish snack!!!Then we went to my Dad's championship basketball game. They played two games in a row and WON BOTH!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!! In all we had a great day and cant wait for next year!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February Activities!

Go figure...it once again has been about a month since I have blogged. It seems like I don't have anything to Blog about!!!!! It is so funny, I have read so many other Blogs and it seems like everyone is in a rut!!! I think it is this dang winter that wont go away!!!! Anyways...here are the few highlights from February! I took some really cute pictures of the kids on Valentines days...They are getting so BIG! I can hardly stand it! I have cut Korbin's hair 4 times already. It grows so fast!

I love his smile....it melts my heart!

Chloe is so Beautiful and so sweet. Her teacher is always telling me how sweet and kind Chloe is at school...it makes me feel so good to know at least I did one thing right. She behaves at school!!!!

Chloe's First Basketball Game
Chloe had her first Basketball game in February~! She LOVES it so much. I cant quite says she is good (Because she is NOT) But it is her first year and she is learning so much and has improved so much already. She LOVES it. She also played up a grade this year to be on the same team as two of the girls in our ward that are in 1st grade. So I think it has been good for her to get the hang of things and we will work on it this summer when we have nice weather and I think she will do much better next year! It has been really frustrating though, since I played Basketball and was good at it, I don't have the patients to watch her mess up and not understand what is going on...then I remind myself, she is 5 and this is her first year!~ LOL!!! It has been fun watching her learn and grow though!

That's her #4~!!


So, since Chloe is half way through Kindergarten they have been working really hard on the educational requirement. Reading, math...you know the usual. So they have been testing the kids on different things. And one of the test is sight recognition of words. Chloe has totally NOT CAUGHT ON TO THIS YET...I have been getting so frustrated. We work with her on her list of word and 10 Min's later she cant remember ANY of them! It makes me CRAZY. Then...all of a sudden last week IT CLICKED!!!! She is able to read most of her kindergarten sentences without help. She passed her 1st sight recognition test (that she has previously FAILED twice) and is really excited (most of the time) to sit down and practice reading! We are so proud of her! Her teacher kept telling me to be patient and when it clicked it would click! So We are so proud of her for just being persistent and figuring it out! Now...math on the other hand! I think she will be like her mom and NEVER GET IT! She is having the toughest time with it and it hasn't clicked yet. The whole adding and subtracting of numbers she totally doesn't get unless she has object in front of her to help her like money or toothpicks or something. Maybe one day she will catch on!


The Kitchen is almost done and when it is I will take pictures. The cabinet doors get here tomorrow!!! WOOHOO!!!! Can't wait! Will post pictures when we get them on!
Well Brian and I both received callings in January actually I just forgot to Blog about it~! We are really, really excited and really enjoying them. I am the the Mia Maid advisor which I am just loving teaching my girls. I actually have my little 14 year old sister in there with me and it is just so exciting!!!! Teaching those lessons to those sweet girls has strengthened my testimony so much!!!!!!
Brian is the new Asst. Scout Master, and a supervisor over the Young Men, since there always has to be two men teachers in each class room he kinda goes to which ever class he is needed in on sundays. He LOVES it. It is right where he should be. He is so good with those Boys. He is mostly with the teachers and knows them all through my little sister! And they LOVE him. They joke with him and really look up to him. This is going to be an amazing experience for him!
So yeah, Callings are good!!!!!

Hopefully it wont be too long before I blog again. Chloes Birthday is comming up on the 15th, so finally I will have something else to blog about!!!!!!