Monday, October 26, 2009


September flew by...I don't even know where it went!!!!!!!!! Chloe started first grade! She loves it! My mom's best friend is her teacher Mrs. Kenworthy! She loves and adores her! She is doing well and loving it. She is in a 1st-2nd combo class. Which has proven AMAZING for her. She is challenged and wants to do better. Here are her first day of school pictures! Oh and her new hair cut! A short A-line!

Brian got his patriarchal blessing. SUPER AMAZING!!!!!!! He has come leaps and bounds this last year! I am so proud of him and all his has done for himself! He is such amazing man and I LOVE HIM!!!!!!


Korbin is OBSESSED with the piano! He plays it every day! It is so cute! I have a picture of myself playing this very piano at his age at my Grandma Hope's house! I LOVE IT! I hope he continues to have the desire to play as he gets older. I love when men can play the piano...especially when they sing and play the piano...lets hope he will be gifted with my voice and not Brian's!( Sorry hunny!)

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Heather B said...

Ok, here are my comments on all the latest posts!
1. Love Chloe's haircut
2. Can't believe that bridge jump!!
3. LOVE the picture of Corbin wearing sunglasses.
4. That's funny that he likes dirt but hates sand.
5. Oregon looks amazing. never been there, dying to go!